After Work

What better way to end each day….coming home to an open waiting toy.  What would you do? 

Would you start by removing your belt and whipping that lovely ass red?  Would your cock get hard listening to her cry out with each strike? 

Her dripping pussy would be begging to be filled….would you fuck it nice and slow?  Hard and punishing?  Or would you make her crawl to you and take your cock deep in her mouth?

So many possibilities…


A Little Doggy

Mmmmm I wonder what is more thrilling…..the tugging of her hair, forcing her back…..the hard cock filling her wet throbbing pussy…..or the sting that follows each smack of the belt….

I know I need to cum very badly….

doggy style


I have to admit that I’ve always found the idea of using barbed wire in D/s play an interesting idea… many possibilities.



His light strokes with the crop made her tingle and throb.  She yearned to feel him deep inside her, to feel him thrust hard, her nipples ached as she imagined his fingers twisting them painfully.  She started to whimper….wanting more than a light stroke.


Part Of Nature

I wonder… she tied to a tree in view of a well traveled road?  Is that spread open pussy easily seen by passers by?  Are some slowing down?  Turning back?  Planning to stop and play with that pretty cunt?

I know my clit throbs at the thought…


The First Mouthful?

Does she know that cock?  Or was she left to wait for any cock to come by and fill her wet waiting mouth?  Will there be more delicious hard cocks pushing their way down her throat?  Might be an interesting day…