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So here’s a question….

I am an owned and collared submisive, I have 2 collars, one for private, one for public. One day I believe even my public collar will be a more obvious one. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that my owner and my husband are not the same person, and that my husband is not aware, so that is why my public collar is not overtly obvious.766_1000

However if the day every comes that I am no longer with my husband I know Master will expect more obvious public displays of my being owned. Of course there is still the concern of family and some friends, what do I tell them, what if I cannot, how do you disguise things?

But here’s the question that crossed my mind today…..I saw a Muslim woman (I assume Muslim), with the full head garb (please excuse me if that is not the way to say it) and it made me think of how comfortable she is putting her beliefs out there in such an obvious manner. I suppose the “normal” response to this line of discussion would be “but that is her religion”.

My response is “That is what she believes in”.

How is that different from an owned submissive wearing her or his collar and/or markings publicly and proudly?

The word “owned” when applied to a person makes the general public uncomfortable for many reasons. But remember that an owned submissive is choosing that life. It’s something that many people do not understand, especially women. I have had many women call me weak (as if), a doormat, insecure (ha!) but in reality the truth is the opposite!

It takes great security to be able to let go and let someone else call the shots, trust someone else to make decisions for you, to struggle with your fears but push then aside in favor of what someone else wants and decides.

But I digress… there really a difference between someone wearing their symbol of their beliefs and my wearing the symbol of mine?



spread and tiedYour legs are most comfortable open wide, the cunt that belongs to you throbs constantly, my fingers stray to the clit you own constantly. The slutty sex holes you own desire to be fucked, used, licked, whipped, plundered….and your slut’s hips raise constantly in anticipation…..

Adore you Sir, slut

Stolen time

It is mine, some stolen time.

It seems like my entire life I’ve been the good girl, the responsible one, always there.

Good marks, ready to babysit, taking on the extra errands.

Even when I was not so “good” I was still the one on the other end of the phone, whatever family issue there was “call….”

Oddly, I am the person who least wants others around, I need the most “alone” and “me” time of any…..and I am probably one of the rudest, most straight forward bitches you will ever meet.

But……somehow I still struggle to get time to myself.  Then when I get that time it is still tracked, SOMEONE still knows where, when……and what (haha drinking) I am doing.

Right now, at this moment, NO ONE KNOWS!

MMMMM so, sparkling in hand, tablet avail….people who sort of enjoy hiding me…..*kiss*

So I sit, and breathe deep.

How cool is that?

A little rope burn

With each squirm the rope seemed to cut deeper but she could not stay still. He ran his hand over her ass, slowly making his way between her legs. She whined as he ran his fingers up and down her crack, pressing the rope into her wetness, both stimulating and irritating her already burning clit. She groaned as he pressed the rope harder against her, rolling the rope back and forth.bound ass up

He pushed her hands up, pulling the rope tighter against her ass and cunt. He continued using her own hands to pull the rope up and down against her, listening to her whimpers, watching her body start to grind against the rope. Forgotten was the raw skin as her throbbing clit took control of her,

Her moans grew louder, her thrusts faster, he backed away and watched.

“Make yourself cum for me slut”

He listened to her pant, he watched her delicate skin get redder, smiling as he thought of how many days she would suffer the pain of the irritation.

She rocked back and forth, groaning, desperate, moving faster, wincing at the pain but unable to stop.

“Cum for me now slut” he commanded

She pulled, thrusted and screamed as she came, her whole body shaking. She shuddered as the orgasm ebbed away, tears filling her eyes as the burning took over.

“Very good slut, now I will enjoy your pain as I fuck that red burning ass”


A little relaxing – an erotic daydream

They lay together, entwined. His hands ran lazily up and down her body; stroking, feeling…..enjoying the softness.

His mouth found her ear and she shivered as she felt his hot breath. She wriggled a bit as her body became more sensitive to his touch.

“Mmmmmm” he breathed, “You do have some ticklish spots”

She shuddered and responded quietly “Well I do have a sensitive neck.”

“And ear apparently” he whispered as he felt her body arch. “Do you like this slut?” he asked

“Yes Master” she breathed.woman in chains

“Do you want more slut?”

She nodded.

“Ask for it” he ordered.

Sheepishly she whispered “More please Sir”

He stopped. “More what slut?”

“More….” she stuttered “Touch me more please Sir.”

The chains rattled as she raised her hand above her head, arching and aching to feel more. His fingers moved teasingly between her legs, lightly touching her, smiling at each frustrated whine.

He teased the sensitive clit, reveling in the body he owned, enjoying his power over her.  She gasped as he plunged his fingers into her wetness, whimpering as he removed them, leaving her empty.

“Please Sir” she whined “Please use your slut, take your slut……please”

His cock grew hard, her begging voice always his weakness.

“Mmmmmmm” he whispered “use you I shall” as he raised above her and gazed upon the manacled, spread open, panting slut he owned.