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A bit of Pain

I enjoy pain, as anyone who reads my blog enough should know.  But the reality of life is that it (life) often gets in the way of the things we enjoy.

When I played with the bbc there was pain and pleasure involved *smile*, like any perfect play date.  Below is a picture of me, enduring some lovely pain.

Clit clover

Today Master decided I needed a little pain, so clover nipple clamps were called for on my nipples while I fucked and played with myself.  I enjoyed it very much, the chain of the clamps in my mouth, each slight head movement sending a sharp pain through my nipples.  My fingers slid easily over my clit, my body arched in pleasure, I came hard and loud as one of the clips slipped off a nipple, causing that sharp screaming pain of removal.

It actually makes me wonder if I need a touch of pain every day….

Hope you enjoy the pic.


Understanding training

I am sure this post will make Master smile, and probably inflate his ego a tad but I guess that’s alright.

When people talk about training a sub I have always sort of wiggled uncomfortably, not really understanding the concept.  After all, I’m an adult, I don’t need to be “trained”, just ask me to do something and if it is acceptable I will do it.

But in reality, the training is more a training of your body and your mind set.  For example, I am tasked to cum every day.  I usually cum twice a day, which makes Master happy, and if I cum 3 times a day I earn a wanding.  You see when I cum now I am not permitted to use my wand, it is usually fingers and something to fuck myself with, that is all.

I used to have problems cumming and needed the wand to help it along.  Now I cum very easily, and the wand is just a lovely bonus!

So I understand now that by tasking me to cum every day, and to cum without the wand, he’s trained my body to need to cum so much so that I don’t usually need extra help.

As for training my mind set, it used to be that I would sometimes struggle to find time to cum.  I cannot cum when my husband is home, and he does not have a regular 9 – 5 job so it is sometimes unpredictable.  I also have to work so often I would struggle to find a break to cum.

Now it’s the opposite, the instant a good set of alone time comes along I drop everything and cum.  Cumming is the priority now, instead of waiting until certain work things are finished, I take a break and cum.  After all, everyone gets 15 minute breaks in their day, why not me?

So now I understand training better, and I look forward to our other types of training, the ones that will incorporate more pain 🙂


A BBC Snippet

There is much I’d like to say about my bbc play date, but organizing those thoughts into something I can write down has been slow, so instead I will share a snippet of our time that resounds in my memory.  Master mostly watched, took pictures and held my hand when needed…..

I lay on my back, my legs spread wide, my head dangling off the bed.  He pushed his cock deep into my mouth, taking my breath away.

He thrust and thrust, his fingers finding and squeezing my nipples at the same time.  My body arched as my cries and moans were muffled by his cock filling my mouth and throat.  I struggled as I gagged, pulling away but always going back for more.

His hands reached between my legs and he slid something inside me, pushing….pulling….filling me deeply, over and 7

I heard the hum, then groaned loudly as I felt the wand pressing against my clit.  My legs spread wider, my body trembled.

Somehow I felt a sharp pain in my nipples, but it did not matter.  Whose hands were where?  I did not care.

I could barely breathe as his cock shoved in and out of my mouth but I rose up eagerly, desperate for the fucking and vibing not to stop.

I reached and reached, sucking deeply, just wanting to cum.

A litany ran through my mind “please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please please please….”

I shook and I reached…..I gagged and I sucked…..and with a muffled scream I came, waves ripping through me, my hands gripping him closer, my body convulsing, my mind floating away.

I trembled, I shook, and I sucked…..dimly I heard “that’s it, there you go….”

And I sucked…..