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Erotic….in the eye of the beholder?

My Master tasked me to take the picture below, and yes it is of me.

The picture did not come out as tasked, the flash failed and luckily (for me) Master found the resulting photo erotic.

He suggested I post the picture to my blog.  Now I personally do not find water sports, or pee play arousing, however Master does.  I am not quite sure if he is aroused more by the play itself, or the fact that he knows it makes me uncomfortable, and he loves to see me squirm.

I’d love some feedback here, do you enjoy water sports?  If you do what do you think it is that arouses you about it?  Have you always found it arousing or is it a learned thrill?  Do you enjoy everything about it?  Or do you have a limit?

Please comment, I enjoy getting other perspectives.


A lovely turn around

I think it’s only fair that since I shared with you my down feelings yesterday, that I should also share the good ones.

Not too long after I wrote that post I had a few nice things happen, which completely turned around my day.

I received some lovely compliments, and had a discussion with my boss which firmed up some future plans.

All in all a lovely turn around.

So now this submissive is ready for whatever comes next.


Some days

I am just exhausted.

I am generally a cheery person, I always try to see the bright side in things.

But some days I am just exhausted,

tired of banging my head against the wall.

Telling people at work the same thing, over and over,

then receiving the same errors.

Coming home to the same shit,

different day….over and over.

I’m simply exhausted, definitely a “Calgon take me away day”

I’m sure I’m not alone.




He had threatened her with banishment as a punishment he might use for her,

But she never imagined he meant to chain her in the barn with the animals.

She wriggled around as the straw itched her bare skin,

She tried not to think about the bugs and things crawling about.

She whimpered as she hoped he would take pity on her,

Almost any other punishment was more bearable than this.

“I promise to be good Sir” she whispered, knowing he could not hear,

But hoping he would know and come release her.