Archive | February 2015

Lingering Shadows

Master and I try to be pretty cautious about who we or I play with but even with that I recently had an unpleasant experience.  I consider myself a pretty “hard” person but even for me this has had an effect.

Happily it is not longer a lingering thought….but every once in awhile it raises its ugly head and I can’t help but think about those with far less experience…..both bdsm and life under their belt.

I have written on occasion about “mcdoms” and the danger they pose, for some reason there seem to be plenty of young inexperienced women out there who fancy themselves as subs or slaves and I what I have seen tells me that most of them don’t know what they are getting into when the jump in feet first.

There are many theories out there about people, both male and female, getting into bdsm because of some traumatic childhood experiences…..well if that is followed up with being taken advantage of by some fake piece of crap….what will the results of that be?

Sadly when something like “Shades of Grey” become mainstream, it does not help.  People in the bdsm life who can be trusted will NEVER try to meet a stranger in any “unsafe” place, they will NEVER expect you to not have a safe word, they will NEVER expect you to put yourself at risk.

If you read my post you might get a feel for how bad experiences can leave a lasting affect, but essentially I want to express that caution is never a bad thing.  Protect yourself, don’t just fall for “the right words”, stay safe.

Even I still have lingering shadows…..they run through my mind when I least expect it.