Archive | August 2013

Room to learn

A few days ago I joined Collarme.  My owner and I have been looking for a Domme to help train me, and to hopefully also be a friend.  On our search we have found / seen some interesting other possibilities but so far none of them have worked out to be a “permanent” solution or scenario.

My owner sent me the link to an interesting Domme and I am very tempted to contact her but quite frankly her profile scares me.  The attitude and way she writes seems to leave no room to learn.  The situations she describes as her enjoyment are rather intimidating for someone who has never entered into them and while they tickle my fantasy bone, the tone of her writing seems to leave no space for the newbie in those particular situations.

This concerns me for a few reasons; first a sub can get very damaged mentally and emotionally if entering into a situation where there is no latitude or empathy.  Second, I need a connection with those I play with and I cannot see a connection being formed without a little guidance or the feeling that no matter what, in the end you are safe.

With so many of the profiles I have read, there just does not seem to be any “room to learn”