Archive | January 2017

Waiting For?

Those agonizing moments, waiting and wondering.  Wondering what is coming…..a whipping?  A hard cock pushed into a tight asshole?  The tease of a vibrator?



A Perfect Snack

What a delicious looking snack.  I get wet imagining such a lovely hard cock sliding between my lips.  Thinking of running my tongue up and down, sucking it deep into my mouth, feeling it push against the back of my throat, making me gag.  Soooo wet…..


May I Have Another?

Mmmmmm the curved of her back, the slight spread of her legs, as she waits for her next paddling.  Is she wet?  Does her clit throb with need?  I know mine does.



Suck a lovely photo…..can you resist that drip?  Imagine it landing on your tongue, then slowly reaching your tongue in to caress the flesh.  Imagine the groans as your tongue teases the clit, feel the heat as her legs spread, hear her heavy breaths as you push your fingers inside.  Think of her arching, pushing her cunt towards you, her body begging for more….do you give her horny pussy what it wants?  Or do you tease her and make her wait, watch her become more desperate with each lick, hear her whine like the needy slut she is.


Taking It All

He grew tired of her slow sensual sucking, so he grabbed her, shoved her against the wall, and fucked her mouth hard.  Holding her hair tight he could feel himself get harder as he heard her choke and gag.  He shoved deeper, aching to cum deep down her throat.