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Here’s To 2016!

I know most bloggers / writers do a year end post, and I usually do as well, but I have not been actively posting lately.

There are many reasons for my not posting, most of them revolve around not having enough quiet alone time.  I don’t know about other bloggers but I do not write well when surrounded by people I know, even if we are not involved in conversation things are just happening and I get too distracted to write..  I have made some steps towards correcting that issue so that I will have time to write.

So on to my “New Year” post.

2015 was an odd year for me, there were many changes, many stresses and many adjustments that had to be made.  Unfortunately these changes and stresses ended up making me feel crazy, unable to focus and completely out of control.

So as 2015 drew to a close, sometime around the beginning of December, I started to make some decisions about how to change things for myself.

There are things that I love to do, simple things such as reading, to more complicated things such as taking classes, but in 2015 there never seemed to be enough time.

I decided to take steps to make time.  I’ve found ways to eliminate “time wasters” and even though it’s only been about 4 weeks I can already feel the difference.  I am calmer (slightly) and way more focused.

Now if my two jobs would give me some breathing time that would be great!

What are you hoping for in 2016?  Are there important changes coming in your life?

Here’s to a great year!