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Some endless entertainment.  Having the guys over to watch the game?  Let her moans be background music, wait as cocks get hard and use that wide open mouth.

Kick it up a notch during halftime, whip those bound titties, watch her struggle and hear her yelps fill the room.

As she cums, again, painfully, rub your hard aching cock against her face, listen to her beg for it to stop…..and enjoy her complete helplessness.

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So Horny

I am traveling so I have been unable to bring my best toys with me, plus I am with family so not many opportunities to play, either with myself or with a playmate.

I had hoped to get to meet an old friend for some fun play, but it does not look like the timing will work so in the meantime I go through each day throbbing and needy.

Below are just a few pics to share with you what’s running through this naughty horny subs mind.

Wand       Cave whipping     2 stockades      bbc clitSpanking    Blowjob

Pure Agony

2 orgasms in and she was groaning loudly, her hands clutching at the air.
Her eyes followed him around, pleading with him to release her.
Her body strained as she began to cum again, her slight movements only making it worse.The burning in her nipples, the constant buzz on her clit, the inability to escape,
All part of her pure agony and his pure delight.