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Making Time

Work has been so crazy lately I barely have time to breathe.  Now visitors are coming and other important projects are on the horizon so the next month will be a wash.

So knowing how squirrely I get I have made a pact to myself to take time each day to do either an added walk or swim, or to take time to write.  No matter how short it is, even finding an inspiring picture to add a blurb to will help distract me for a few minutes.

So here is blog entry number 1, dedicated to my beloved Master….and his taste for violating me….oh my 🙂

She could feel the cool air of the air conditioning, she could no longer hear him as he had left the room.  She could not help but wiggle as her clit throbbed, she could feel her face heat as she remembered her words “We are both so busy, when do we have time for fancy?”

In seconds he had his hand on her hair, forcing her to the ground, dragging her to the shower and that answered her question. Ass upnow. He was going to find the time…..and she trembled thinking of the “fancy”.

Somehow she knew this would be something she would remember and feel, for awhile.


I am very horny, I love porn, I love porn pics, movies, audio…..I love sex. All of these things get me hot but I must admit, when the sound of whiny horny women fill my ears I drip.

I imagine myself, my mouth opens as I become enslaved by the need being transmitted into my ears…..

But, lately I have been too busy to even look at porn, sadly many things have taken a back seat, but still… clit throbs, my Master growls into my ear…..his desires, his nasty wants….and I cannot help but squirm.

Master and I have lots in common *grin*

So today I wanted to send Master this lovely pic… meet I will crawl across the floor to him, his cock in my mouth the only goal. Then, once his cock is nicely hard and wet, I hope he will turn me around, grab my leash, and fuck his slut hard.

mmmmm horny again….still? Need… so much….Master…cock…sex….licking…mmmm Oh sorry, was I daydreaming? 🙂