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When I’m Bored….

Only trouble comes of it, perhaps this is one of the reasons I work so much.

I take on extra work, convinced only I can do it right and efficiently but really, am I just trying to keep myself occupied?

Friday night was one such night…..hubs was away and I had every intention of staying home all weekend and behaving. Plenty of home play of course, lots of toys and ideas, but staying away from trouble (stray cocks) was my goal….isn’t it always??? So I enjoyed an early happy hour, went home and made supper while listening to music.  Master was busy so I was dancing in the kitchen without anyone to talk to. I ate my dinner while watching TV.  I did the dishes, wrapped up the leftovers and still, it was only 9 PM and I was bored.

Called one of my best gfs and her general response was “Bored? Come on over for a glass of wine….”

Well, I’d already tried the “glass of wine” and I was still bored.

I texted another gf, “Bored”

“Why?” she replied

“Need to get out, r u done work??”

“Yup, at Millers”  So off I went.

Met up with her, her bf, a few others and generally an all staff type of night as my friend and the gang are all restaurant / bar employees so it was relaxed and fun, no real “dupe the customer” mood. I’m not saying all restaurant workers have that attitude, but they deal with lots of crap and I am sure they toss it back at times.

After a few hours of laughs and fun they left, I however was not quite done…..upon surveying the clientele I spotted a stray and nice looking male. Being a female of creativity I asked him to watch my purse while I peed…..little did he know that what he might have thought was a flirt was actually a predatory act.

See, he and his friends (a couple) were near me most of the night and I’d noticed some shitty guy activities. I went to pee and when I returned I proceeded to chat him up, dropping little insults here and there. Eventually he filled me in on the story, and though I was not 100% convinced I do believe in the benefit of the doubt. He seemed nice so we just continued to talk.

This next part is a bit foggy, but if I remember it correctly when I next went to pee, 3 “studs” on vacation and pretty drunk decided to take my chair….so when I returned I grabbed it back. Everyone was laughing, joking and there were other chairs, but mine was at the bar, the other empty ones were not. As we laughed they said they were leaving anyway and I told them that they could have my chair…..on 1 condition. I told them that all 3 of them had to sit in my chair, 1 ass cheek each touching. and allow me to take a pic, then they could have the chair…..well below is the pic, as well as one of them starting to decide to offer a moon…..of his lovely tight ass 🙂

All this while the other guy looked on “they won’t do it…”

My response…? “Watch”

They were sexy, fun and secure… issue with putting their asses… the frame 🙂


So I threatened these lovely men with tweeting their pics….and they laughed.

Let’s spread these asses around!

@Millers Ale House


gets in the way….of our perfectly peaceful existence.

So, many things happen, in every life, but in my case they happen….to me, at me, behind me…..and I generally react to all these issues in one negative way.

I hide inside myself….but thanks to Master and his persistence I now usually reach out to him. I have someone to try to depend on. Is that the end all and be all solution? No, he is not always available either but he does all he can to make sure I have support, and someone to turn to, even if it is not him.

I love and appreciate you Masterl