A Little Sexy Thank You

I’m finally fortunate enough to have some alone time and happily I was able to meet a special friend for lunch.

It is always nice to have a relaxing time with my friend who has something in common with me…..we are both unable to live the life we want, but are still chained to the desires.

It is nice to not be rushed, to be able to talk about everything from “normal” life to kink.  I left lunch smiling, and arrived home inspired to blog more.

Thank you my friend for lunch….hope to see you again soon.chains of need

Odd Musings

I’ve never been a very romantic or sentimental woman, as I am sure any of my regular readers know.  However I am think I was a typical teen, dreaming of that romantic prince charming, but that changed pretty early for me.  My lack of mushiness and cling has often been a source of surprise and even disappointment to some men.  Which in turn surprised me, as “cling” or attachment is a common complaint with men, but I suppose their egos have come to expect it.

I also have always paid my own way, and have difficulty accepting having someone pay for me, I guess it’s my own “I don’t need anyone”.

Lately however, I’ve been having some odd thoughts and musings.  I don’t know if getting older is changing me, or if being with the person I don’t really want to be with makes me look at things differently, but lately I have found myself watching couples in movies and TV and wondering what it is like to have a really deep loving relationship.  What is it like to be with someone you actually want around?  Of course, I can’t imagine ever wanting anyone around all the time, but still, to have someone who understands you (does any man ever understand a woman….and vice versa?), someone you can be honest with, it must be special.kissing

Sometimes I watch those really deep kisses (apparently just “because”) and I wonder what it’s like to actually want to kiss someone like that.  And to enjoy it, regardless of whether it leads to sex. 🙂

This is a short post…..mushiness is not something I do well, but, just some odd thoughts.



For All Pet Owners

Pet ownerSo, what do you think are the responsibilities of a good pet owner?

If you are not living up to your end, as a pet owner, what do you think your pet should do?

I’ve read stories about pets that act out to draw attention to an issue, while some “funishments” can result, is that the only recourse a pet has?

While communication is key to most relationships, even D/s, does your pet feel free to express herself (himself) when needed?


So let me get this straight

Kink is a fact of life.  Homosexual is a fact of life.  Transgender is becoming a fact of life.  Guns are a fact of life, Nuclear weapons are a fact of life.  Poison in our food, our earth, our water…..all a fact of life.

BUT apparently people cringe when you mention in “real life” that you are kinky.  It’s whispered….it’s hidden, skirts without panties are shameful… until the end of the night when there is a horny cock that needs a hole…why is that?

When I feel the urge I place ads in various places and I have used a question along the lines of “what does the word slut mean to you” as a way to weed people out. It is actually a very easy way to tell if the person responding is just looking for a quick fuck, or actually appreciates the allure of a wet horny woman…

So back to the title, how is it that owning an asault rifle is more “normal” than a woman wanting to give into her natural urges to cum?  Whether it be with a nice cock inside her pussy, her ass filled, her clit being lovingly licked…..who are “you” to decide she is “bad” compared to any other person who does not follow “your” script.


What is honesty?  I was told years ago that no matter how close you are to a person, if that person knew every little thing about you, there would be something that would turn them away from you.

So far I don’t think I’ve reached that point with anyone….pretty close a few times and each time things have gone sour, so, does that mean the saying is correct?

Personally I normally do not ask questions I cannot handle the answer to, and if I believe the answer might change things I try to be clear about that.  However if I am prepared to ask the question, the lack of an honest response will also change things.

Sadly honesty tends to be subjective and it shouldn’t be.  Master and I have often had discussions that I cannot properly process because as I tell him “I do not understand gray”.  In other words most things for me are black or white and pretty straight forward…..gray does not compute for me.

But most people handle gray and as a result honesty become subjective.  It is not for me… tell me, what constitutes the gray area of honesty for you?  What are you ok with not being told the whole truth about and what are you ok with hiding by omission?

What constitutes dishonesty?