Archive | May 2013


Routines are very important to me, without them I am thrown into a mess, I don’t eat properly, I don’t sleep properly and I’m generally not happy.

I like my space and home, my “four” walls, I feel safe there.

It is important to me to start most days off with a workout, even something as simple as a walk or swim.  Showering, combing the knots from my hair, dressing for the day are the next steps to relax me and ease me into the day.  Breakfast is enjoyed slowly while cleaning emails, no pressure just yet.

Work begins, usually without any routine but I try to keep to small breaks to recharge, all part of my routines.

One of the most difficult part of my routines to stick to is writing.  Something else always seems more urgent or important.  But I am trying again, taking certain time away from my desk to write, both this blog and my “normal life” blog.

Life gets in the way, traveling, visitors, household projects…..there are times in everyone’s life when there is simply not enough time in each day to get it all done.

So here I go…..trying again 🙂