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Pricks Of Pain

Barbed wire can be so useful….I imagine being trapped between lines of it, my clit being vibed, each move bringing pricks of pain.  Or maybe hung a mere breath away from electrified barbed fencing, naked and being whipped, each painful lash causing a scream as my jerking body makes contact with the stinging sharp barbs.

I throb just thinking about it *squirm*.

barbed pain


Some endless entertainment.  Having the guys over to watch the game?  Let her moans be background music, wait as cocks get hard and use that wide open mouth.

Kick it up a notch during halftime, whip those bound titties, watch her struggle and hear her yelps fill the room.

As she cums, again, painfully, rub your hard aching cock against her face, listen to her beg for it to stop…..and enjoy her complete helplessness.

for use


I imagine this position must be very conflicting….getting wet, throbbing, wanting to rub my clit against something.  Feeling the sharp pain of a splinter piercing the tender flesh, but the hips still thrusting…..almost all on their own…


Spread and Ready

This has to be one of my favorite positions…..completely vulnerable, not knowing what is coming, not able to pull away or close my legs…..makes me wet and throbbing just looking at this picture.  I imagine fingers slipping between my spread open legs and teasing my clit, stroking and playing, rubbing until my hips start to rotate and hump the fingers.  I imagine my own whines as those fingers are removed and my groans as a cock slides into my wet pussy.  I imagine my cries of pain as a plug is pushed slowly into my ass, the cock still resting inside my slippery wet hole.  I imagine the feeling of the tight fit as the plug is snug inside my ass, and the cock begins to slide in and out, fucking me hard, soft, ….teasing,  ….harder, …..stopping until I beg for more…..

Yes, definitely a strong favorite position 🙂