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Bumpy ride? #tittorture #pain

Well….I don’t know where to start.  With the hot metal she is laying on?  The sun surely reflecting and keeping that metal burning her pretty ass.

Or the excruciating pain that rips through her every time the truck hits a bump…on the dirt road.  Pretty much a dream situation for some men….when the truck stops she will probably say yes to pretty much anything to be let down!

Naked Bodyshots

Pricks Of Pain

Barbed wire can be so useful….I imagine being trapped between lines of it, my clit being vibed, each move bringing pricks of pain.  Or maybe hung a mere breath away from electrified barbed fencing, naked and being whipped, each painful lash causing a scream as my jerking body makes contact with the stinging sharp barbs.

I throb just thinking about it *squirm*.

barbed pain


Some endless entertainment.  Having the guys over to watch the game?  Let her moans be background music, wait as cocks get hard and use that wide open mouth.

Kick it up a notch during halftime, whip those bound titties, watch her struggle and hear her yelps fill the room.

As she cums, again, painfully, rub your hard aching cock against her face, listen to her beg for it to stop…..and enjoy her complete helplessness.

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