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Third meet…..part 2

His fingers moved in and out roughly, my need to pee intensifying, my need to cum building.  I pulled at my ropes, I groaned and struggled.

“Master please….I need to pee” I cried out.

“No” he repeated

I squirmed and pulled, unsure what to do and suddenly he stopped.

As I worked to catch my breath I tried to figure out what he was doing as he moved around behind me.

He came back to me with something in his hands, but my only focus was hoping he was going to allow me to pee.  His face showed no sign of sympathy.  Then I looked at what he had in his hands.

We have discussed electric play, and while I am terrified of electricity, I am also fascinated by the capacity for pain without the same markings a whip leaves behind.

He had some sort of electrical toy, with clamps on each end of 2 wires.  I watched him fiddle with a switch and then could not help but whine in fear as he moved to attach the clamps to my nipple clamps.

I jumped immediately, feeling a sharp shock, not even sure if it was real or imagined.

He pulled back and removed the nipple clamps, then wet my nipples with his fingers and once again moved to attach the electrical clamps, this time directly to my wet nipples.

I struggled to pull away, pleading and babbling, filled with fear but he ignored me and attached the clamps to my wet nipples anyway…..I let out a scream as I felt the shock, my body arching, the clamps falling away at my sudden movement.

I panted and struggled as he reached down to pick them up again, I wiggled and protested, and screamed as the clamps met my nipples again.

Again they slipped off in my struggling and he studied them closer.

“Wait wait wait…” I babbled

He looked at me and waited.

Knowing he would not give up I was desperate to stop the sudden shock “Turn it off please, then attach the clamps and turn it back on, maybe the shock will build slower”

He considered my idea and I slumped with relief when I saw him turn the device off.

But my fear built back up as he put the nipple clamps back on my nipples, pulled at the chain for maximum effect, and moved behind me with the electrical clamps.

This time he attached a clamp to each pussy lip and I could only wait for the shock….I no longer struggled, suddenly I did not dare move.

The pulsing shock was slow, building, I cocked my head, measuring the effect….and then it got much worse!

My body arched, the chain swung between my tits, my nipples screamed, my legs extended as fully as they could.

He stopped.

I panted, pleaded…..he started again and I struggled, protested…..the pain radiating between my pussy lips and nipples.

Again he stopped.  This time he bent down to untie me, he pulled me by my hair to the floor, on my hands and knees, all the clamps still firmly attached.

“Do you still want to pee?” he asked

I nodded vigorously, thinking this is why he’d untied me.

“Then pee” he said.

I stared at him in shock.

“Here?” I asked

“Yes, right there, on the carpet, like a naughty pet”

“I can’t, I couldn’t, I…”

“Well then I guess you’ll just wait won’t you.”

I let out a yell as he turned the electricity back up and my hands grabbed at the carpet as my head touched the floor.  The pain built and I tried to push myself to pee…pain and more pain until I wanted to crawl away and I begged “Please please stop and I’ll pee”

He stopped “Are you sure?”

My head was down and I nodded slowly.

He waited….and I tried…..but nothing.

“Well, I guess you don’t need to pee very much”

I panicked “Yes I do….please I need time”

“20 seconds” he said, and he counted.

In my head I thought of running water, I tried to relax my muscles….nothing seemed to work….20 seconds counted down.

When the shocks started I did not fight them, I had nothing to bargain with…..until the pain built again.