Preparing for company

I have spoken before about how much I need my alone time. If I had my way I would live alone. I met my now husband years ago, one thing led to another and now we are married. He, like many men, does not understand my need for alone time and it is a constant battle. He takes it as an insult, I have to explain, again…..and until next time. He tries to give me space, then he get’s needy and clingy, turning everything I “don’t” do into an affront to him.

Now we have a guest coming to stay for a week that I am very excited about and I am preparing for. However, in my case preparing is more than cleaning and putting out the good towels, it also involves making sure I get some good quality alone time before our guest arrives.

While I know I will enjoy our guest, I also know the toll it will take on me to have no alone time for a week. I know most people will read that and not understand but anyone who knows me well is probably nodding as they read it. In fact our guest will understand and I am sure will attempt to give me space.

A compounding problem is that my husband and I do not normally sleep together. It is not a sex issue, it’s just that I am a very light sleeper and tend to wake often during the night. Not only do I disturb anyone who is sleeping beside me but I drive myself crazy with worry that I am disturbing the person next to me… I sleep even worse than normal. I have gone on vacations with my husband and not slept more that a couple of hours a night for a week due to sharing a bed. Needless to say those vacations are not ones I remember fondly.

So along with my list of things to do to prepare the house for our guest, there is a small list to prepare me for a week of no space. A few tricks that I am using to absorb enough space and alone time to be able to summon it when needed…’s hoping I can just close my eyes and bring on the zen.


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