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A new task my Master has assigned to me has to do with telling him how I feel he differs from other men in my life, what it is that makes me want to belong to him.

Now, when he assigned this task, and even still sometimes, I pishawed it (bad I know) because I am not a mushy type and this seemed mushy to me.

But he explained that it is actually a tool to help him know me better.

So I have been thinking about it, and each day I tell him something that I think makes him special to me, and different from others.

However, today I thought of one thing that is difficult to put into a simple sentence so I decided to express it here.

I tend to work very hard, usually I take jobs that are very detailed and foreign to me, so every day is a learning process.  While most people will say learning is fun, it is also stressful at times, when it is constant plus added to deadlines.

My owner says that I work too hard and don’t get paid enough, my husband says I don’t make enough money.

Do you see the difference?

My Master feels I am not paid what I am worth, my husband wants me to do something to make more money.

So value…..that is what my Master has that is different from other men I have known, he values me, and what/who I am, not just what he thinks I should be.

That has great value, to me.




How do we measure time?

How is it that time sometimes flies, and at other times seems to drag on forever?

I am sure that time is dragging very slowly for this lovely lady.

Can’t you feel the pull against her shouders?

The sharp pinch on her nipples, taking her breath away?

What do you think is behind her?

I imagine a loving Master with a variety of cruel whips to satisfy both of their needs.

mmmm I’m jealous 🙂