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I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse Christmas.

I have been trying to fight these feelings for a couple of weeks but maybe saying it out loud will help lift it away.

Each Christmas is a little difficult because I cannot be with my family, traveling to see them just does not make logical sense.

But usually we have some sort of small celebration with friends here, and this adds a light to the season.

This month has been horrid, filled with difficult unexpected projects that have exhausted and frustrated me.

Disappointments have left me lonely and sad, and feeling more alone that ever before.

Now a trip I don’t want to make is getting even more dreadful by the minute.

But I guess it could be worse, so hopefully just putting this out there will help excise the horrible sadness.Crying eye 2


A request

I love posting my thoughts and the pictures that I like, sharing with my readers.

But I have a simple request of my readers.

I am trying to help a rescue shelter in my home town win a contest for a donation of cat food.

Can you take a moment to click the link below and vote for “Refuge Pour Chats de Verdun”

They need a good push to put them firmly in first place and the voting ends tomorrow at noon!

I really appreciate all your votes, as will the pets that get fed!