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Laying In Wait….a novelette

He waited in the dark, blending with the shadows, watching the occasional person go by without noticing him.

It grew quiet, the passing people were fewer and fewer.  Then he heard the click of heels against the pavement and his breath came quicker with anticipation.

The heel sounded sharp, a woman alone, vulnerable.

He pressed closer to the wall and prepared.

When she came around the corner he hesitated, he was taken aback.  She was taller than he expected, his practiced ear had told him smaller.  He watched her pass so close to him that he could smell her, not her perfume, her.  It was a scent…..something….then it was gone, as was she, walking further away, down the street, unaware of the threat in the shadows.

He continued to watch her, struck by her stride, her confidence, the way her eyes seemed to take in everything, but focus on nothing.

Frustrated and not sure why, he moved away, down the street, to another dark corner.

The next day she shook her head over the news; a woman attacked, right in her neighborhood.  The 3rd one in as many months.

“When will people be more aware” she thought as she got ready for work.


Only a week had gone by when he found himself in the same dark place, waiting, restless.

His heart quickened as he heard her heels, he dared not move as she past by him.

He followed quietly, at a distance, and watched her climb her stairs, open her door and enter the dark hallway.

He waited and was rewarded by her silhouette as she turned on a light, now he knew which windows was hers.  He smiled as he thought of coming back anytime, day or night, and watching her.

She moved away from the window and he waited a bit.  When she did not return he turned and walked away, whistling quietly.


It was Saturday and she locked the door behind her.  She turned her face to the sun and soaked it in for a moment before heading down the street towards the market.  Saturday always brought the freshest goods to the market, and the time to linger over her favorite coffee and bagel.

She did not notice him lingering at the corner, nor following her at a distance, nor sitting a few tables away as she enjoyed her coffee.  He watched, she lived.

As he watched her move amongst the vendors, choosing her goods, sometimes negotiating the price; he wanted her.

But he did not want to take her like the others, he wanted her to come to him, to want him.  Then he would take her.

He smiled imagining her cries as she begged him…..

More to come…..


It Started With A Threat…

“Have a safe word” he texted.

“And be prepared to use it…..often” a shiver ran down my spine as I read that.

I came up with a safe word and texted it to him, along with a comment “But I don’t really expect to use it”

Was I daring him?  Absolutely 🙂

I knew him to be fun, relentless but basically gentle.  I wanted him to know it was ok to push.

We had a nice time out, stopped by a toy shop for a couple of purchases, had a lovely dinner and then headed to my place.

I had some things to take care of and he puttered around in the bedroom, whistling all the while.

When I was ready he had me remove my clothes and lie face down on the bed.  First he fastened thick leather cuffs around my wrists, and my arms were pulled wide apart by the rope that ran under the bed.  Then he did the same to my ankles, spreading my legs and attaching them tightly. 

A strange feeling went through me as I felt my legs spread wider than they ever had been in that position.

He touched me lightly between my legs and chuckled “And I have not even started yet”.

I blushed a bit at how easily I got wet.

He started with some light flogging, slapping, general caressing; warming me up I suppose.  We’d talked about his “learning” fisting and he wasted no time starting to practice.

He started with a finger, then another and before I knew it my back was arched as he pushed deep inside me.  I moaned and groaned, he pushed and twisted his fingers, my fingers clawed at the bed as the pain of stretching seem to fill my entire body.

He pushed deeper, he pushed harder, I thumped my feet against the bed and finally yelled out my safe word. 

I panted and moaned into the bed “I need a break, I need a break….please”

I could feel his smile as he backed away and picked up a whip, a crop or some other instrument to redden me with.  At this point I could no longer tell.

The whipping was almost a relief, my pussy throbbed in protest, my ass burned from his strokes.

Finally he stopped whipping, and moved closer again.  His fingers touched me lightly, I moved me head slowly side to side, not sure how much more I could take.  His fingers entered me; 1, 2….and the rest.  He pushed deep, I hollered and struggled to accept it.

I tried to concentrate on my breathing but my moans kept getting in the way.  My head moved from side to side as shivers ran through me.

Then his finger found my ass, and as he pushed into my ass I nearly screamed.  He pushed and pulled; my head swam, I wanted to open wider, I wanted it to stop, not to stop, go deeper, no more….the thoughts babbled through my head.

He slipped his other hand beneath me and his finger started stroking my clit.  I gasped and felt something turn inside me, something I could not control.  My mind went blank and I shivered and shook, I bit the blanket, my fists pulled at my cuffs and I held my breath as my orgasm whipped through me.

Still his fingers plunged into me and I whispered my safe word…..too exhausted to yell it out.

Lucky for me he was playing close attention and he eased out.

As I lay shuddering and emitting tiny moans he said cheerfully “Time to turn over”


The Pain Of Craving.

The last few months has seen me at odds with my world.  Having some freedoms expanded, others restricted, in ways I did not expect, nor want.

Some discoveries have come from that, ones I’d like to share.

An experiment was posed to me; one where I would go out with an escort, a male escort, and the purpose of the evening was to see if I would be willing, or comfortable, or able, to give strange men blowjobs in the bathroom of a bar.

This is something I’ve discussed and researched.  It’s a pretty common theme, only usually it’s just a fantasy.  Something many women do with their partners, often using friends, or pretending their partners are strangers.  This was to be complete strangers.

My original issue with this was the disbelief that men could be approached in a bar, offered a NSA blowjob and just take it.  The jury is still out on the stats of that.

Anyway, when the time actually came to embark on this little adventure I freaked out!  I panicked and fled to the innermost corners of my mind.

When I finally popped my head back out, and decided to go trolling with my escort the evening turned out to be uneventful.  I had a pleasant evening, checking out the potential “meat” and generally discussing the concept.

Over the next little while I thought very hard about why I panicked so much.  I am a big girl, no one was going to tie me down and force strange cocks down my throat (dammit).  This was meant to be a completely voluntary but submissive exercise.

I finally realized that the reason I panicked was because I knew that I would not give myself an out.  If I was in the situation, and a man was approached, and he accepted, it was I that would not be able to back out.

So the pressure was from myself.  Not quite sure what that means or what you would call it.  Integrity?  Morals? Just plain silly?

At least the knowledge will help dispel the panic when I try it again.

The next important thing that I worked out was the realization that even though I crave pain, as a submissive sometimes the idea of just being “submissive” is enough.

In times of sadness, often just the thought of curling up at “his” feet, or being near “him”, waiting on his wishes, are enough.  Pain is not the only driving force, it is merely medicinal.

That was big for me, because those thoughts are almost “romantic” and romance is not a big thing in my mind.  But those images help bring me peace during troubled and lonely times.

Hope everyone is having a good Easter weekend.


Use….a fantasy

He takes me to a bar, and into the mens bathroom.  He has me remove my panties and get onto my hands and knees and crawl under the sink.  He has me lift my skirt, spread my knees wide and keep my head down, cheek against the floor, showing only my pussy and ass to anyone who comes in.
He tells me that for the next 5 times the door opens I am to keep my head down and ask whomever enters to fuck me.
The first one gets down and fucks my pussy quickly, pulling out and cumming onto my spread thighs.
The second one is more adventurous, fucking my pussy just enough to wet his cock, then pushing into my ass instead.  But even he cums fairly quickly, my tight ass driving him to pull out and cum over my cheeks.
The third one is more cruel, fucking my pussy until I am moaning in pleasure, then shoving his cock into my ass and only taking his own.  He is substantially larger than the other and I bite my lip to hold back my cries of pain.  He ends by adding more cum to my ass cheecks and thighs.
The fourth wastes no time with my pussy, he ignores my dripping wetness and plunges straight into my aching ass.  But he moves slowly, he takes long slow strokes, and I begin to pant and moan, shivers moving up and down my body.  My clit throbs, my pussy drips…..and he pulls out, presses against the crack of my ass and his cum shoots up and lands on my lower back, pooling in the curve.
After he leaves the room is filled with the sound of my heavy breathing, He doesn’t speak as we wait.
Finally the door opens for the 5th time and I hear voices and laughter, then silence.
I wait, and I hear his voice; “Closes your eyes slut and keep them closed”
I close my eyes and feel myself dragged from under the sink.  My head is lifted and a cock is pushed into my mouth.  I keep my eyes tightly closed as I feel another cock slide into my pussy.  I can’t help but moan against the cock in my mouth, my pussy is throbbing and needs desperately to cum.
The cock in my mouth pushes deep, the cock in my pussy pulls out, now slick with my juice, and pushes slowly into my ass.  I feel a finger on my clit and I tremble, my mouth is full of cock and I cannot even ask for permission to cum.  My legs shake as I struggle to control myself.
I gasp as the cock in my mouth pulls out fast and cums on my face, I babble immediately; “Please Sir may I cum, please may I cum?”
“Not yet slut, keep your eyes closed” he replies.
I am pulled up straighter, a cock still in my ass, my arms pulled away from my body, a finger on my clit, my legs spread, my pussy open wide.
“Open your eyes and cum now” he orders.
I open my eyes to see my reflection in the mirror; body open, vulnerable and unable to protect myself.  My eyes wild, my hair a mess and my hips arching, pussy struggling to reach for more pressure, cumming is the only thing that matters.
I explode with a scream, convulsing against the arms that hold me open, the cock is fucking my ass fast, and before I am finished I am pushed back to the ground, he pulls from me and adds his cum to the rest that is dripping down my ass cheeks.
Shaking and exhausted I barely hear them leave; he reaches down and helps me up.
My skirt sticks to my ass, he holds me close and guides me through the restaurant, walking slowly.
He puts me into the car and kisses my forehead “Very good slut” he says and he shuts the door.

Pain and Punishment

I knew at a very young age that my desires were not like others.  Hell, even the fact that my mind was so active at such a young age was not normal.

My mind was never filled with visions of romance, with a white knight.  Mine was always filled with thoughts of being taken, forced, restrained, and tortured.

Now the young mind does not comprehend the reality of words like “force” and “torture” so as I grew up and realized that my thoughts were not “normal” I suppressed them.  When I was with people that seemed to be more adventurous, that thought of more that “dinner and a movie” I would embrace the suggestions of  “kinky” quickly.

As I started to understand that my desires were more deep seated than mere bedroom BDSM play I started to fantasize about being bad with my lover, and needing punishment.

These are very enjoyable fantasies, but now I realize they are not necessary.

Only last week I had my own light bulb moment.

I realized that I don’t have to be willful or “bad” to receive the pain I so crave; in this world of D/s if pain is what I need, pain is what I will receive.

In fact, being “bad” may lead to a with holding of the pain, a taunt of the whip laying unused, of the clamps teasing my eyes instead of attached to my nipples where they belong.

That realization brought me some peace.  It removed some of the unnecessary fight from me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am no angel, and I will be deserving of punishments in the future, but at least these will be for the right reason, not because I am trying to “top from the bottom”


Erotica….not for the romantic, or weak stomachs

Occasionally I write something based on a request, this was a violent idea my former Master had planted in my mind, an idea that stretched my imagination.  Please forgive the rough writing, it is an earlier work.


It’s Saturday morning and I’m whistling as I leave the house…I have a couple of hours drive in front of me but my anticipation of the weekend ahead has me delirious.
I feel we’ve chosen your surrogate well and I am already wet in anticipation. What I did not know was that you had already communicated with David and you both had cooked up some extra surprises.
I arrive at the hotel and go to sit in the bar as David had instructed me.  I order a drink and I wait.  The bar starts to fill and I get a little nervous realizing that David is quite late.  A bunch of large guys sit next to me and start joking and ordering drinks.

One turns to me and says “one for the lady all by herself”

I smile and say thank you, a little nervous in a strange town having strangers buy me drinks.
I continue to wait and nurse my drink as they party beside me…the one who ordered the drink keeps looking over at me and finally he comes over.

“Why are you all alone sweetie?”  I smile and politely tell him I am waiting for someone.  He offers to keep me company while I wait.  He calls his friends all over and the next thing I know I am surrounded by this group of large men.  The one who bought me the drink sticks real close and his hand keeps casually dropping to caress me, either my leg, my shoulder and even brushes against my breast.
Just when I am trying to figure out how to escape he leans in closer.  He caresses my breast, takes my nipple between his fingers and starts to pinch.  I gasp and try to pull away only to find all the other men had crowded in close.

“Guess you are waiting for us” he says and before I can figure a way out he is steering me towards the door, with the others all close by.  I want to say something but his fingers on my nipple render me speechless.  As we enter the elevator I tremble with fear, I am alone in a strange city with strange men, how will I get out of this?
They herd me towards a room and as they push me through the door I desperately try to back out.  The wall of bodies ensures that I cannot get away and my “host” pushes me down onto the floor.

“I hear you like it rough” he says.

He looks me over and asks “what do you think boys?  Can we make use of her?” Laughter filled the room and I felt myself getting wet.

The big one grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled me towards him, “I have plans for you baby, and it’s going to last all night”

I whelp and my body shakes in fear and anticipation.

He hauls me up by my hair and two of the 4 other men grab my arms and pull them behind me.  He moves away and my eyes grow wide as I see him return with a hunting knife.  My heart thumps with fear when he reaches out and pulls my blouse away from my body, slips the knife under it and slices my blouse up the front.  The he reaches for my skirt and cuts through that too.  The skirt drops to the floor in pieces and the blouse remains tangled around my arms.

Then he uses the knife to cut my panties off but pauses when he reaches for my bra….”hummm, maybe not completely naked” and he pulls my tits out of my bra.
“What do you think boys….slutty enough for us?”

I bite my lip as they all laugh, wondering if I’ll ever get out of this.

“Let’s start with something simple, I want to see her ass nice and red” he says as he starts to remove his belt.  I panic and try to pull away but they hold me tight.  They turn me around and the other two bend and grab my ankles.  They pull my legs apart and hold them firm.  The other two pull my arms forward, bend me over and pull my arms above my head.  I wriggle and pull at their hands but they are very strong.  I cry out as I feel the first strap hit my ass and my face burns as I listen to their laughter.  As the belt continues to land on my ass I pull and struggle, my ass stinging.  Suddenly he stops and all is quiet except my cries.

When I am calmer I feel his hand on my ass….”what a lovely shade of red”

“You cry but I bet you enjoyed it”

I shake my head slowly and he bends down, his face close to mine “how about if I check and if you did not enjoy it we will let you go….but if you did….we get to keep you…..and use you….all night”

I groan and shake my head again, he smiles and reaches between my legs.

“Tsk tsk….you are dripping wet….you know what that means don’t you?”

“We get to keep her boys!” and I shudder as they cheer.

They let me go and the leader grabs my hair and pushes me to the floor.

“Crawl for me” he orders as he pulls me towards the small round meeting table in the room.

One of the others moves away and returns with what looks like 2 broom handles and some ropes.  He pulls me up onto the table and pushes me down onto my back with my head hanging off one end.  They take one broom handle and put it behind my neck, then they attach my wrists as far away from my head as they can to the handle.  Then they attach my ankles far apart to the other broom handle and the leader experiments with the handle.

Pulling it up and around, testing the range of movement “Look boys, good access, if I move it this way we see all of her pussy and further up we get her pussy and ass.  If one of you hold it from the other side we can easily stick something in both holes” he said as he handed the handle to one of the guys standing near my head.

“Ok….let’s all get naked and put her to use”

They all take turns holding me down while the others undress and one at a time they approach me.  When the first one caresses my face with his cock I pull my face away and the leader quickly grabs and twists my nipple…I yelp and cry out as he twists “you move when I say you move….turn your mouth to him”
Whimpering I turn towards the waiting cock “open your mouth bitch” he growls as he pinches harder….breathing fast to ease the pain I open my mouth wider, “now…..thrust your cock all the way into her mouth and leave it there” he instructs his friend.

I choke as he thrusts his cock hard and deep and stops, I struggle to breath with the pain of my nipple a reminder not to move.  I wait, the others wait and after a minute he eases the pressure on my nipple “good girl” he says and his hand moves lazily down my body, dips into my pussy and I can’t help but groan as I feel his finger slick against my clit.

He smiles “you can take your cock out now, she’ll behave”.

On it went until the 4 men had stroked their cocks against my face.  All that remained was the leader.  I trembled as he came close to my head.  While the others all grabbed hold of some part of me and held me tight he pulled my head down so I was looking at his balls.  He slowly pushed his cock deep into my mouth, causing me to choke again.  He waits, buried deep in my throat and once my throat muscles start to relax he pushes in and out slowly “mmmm…nice tight mouth”
While the others watch he slowly fucks my mouth, going as deep as possible, watching me struggle to take him all.  His hands tighten on my hair and he pulls out suddenly, directing his cum over my face, some lands on my tits and the others cheer.  As I cough and catch my breath he reaches out and rubs his cum around my cheeks.
The leader speaks to the others “ok….you all get a turn at her mouth…..fill her up boys” and one by one they all fuck my mouth, some fast, some slow, some deep and some quick and shallow.  They all pull out at the last minute and cum on my face, on my tits and let me drink just a bit.  I am groaning as in the meantime I feel fingers on my legs, sliding into my pussy and rubbing roughly against my clit.  My head swims and shivers run down my spine.

I open my eyes to see the leader with a camera….”that’s right slut….smile for the camera…”  I twist my head away and hear him “tsk tsk…I thought we had passed this point”.

I arch my back and yelp as I feel both nipples being twisted “nonononono”

“We have authorization to use you….you are to behave or there will be consequences, now….look at the camera”  Panting and groaning I turn my head towards the camera…cum dripping from my face and tits, my mouth struggling to swallow and he flashes away.

Once he is finished they secure the leg pole to the hand pole, leave me on the table that way and move away.  They all settle down around the TV and I hear them rummaging around, getting snacks and drinks.  I breath deeply, glad for the break.  After a bit I start to wonder about getting out while they are distracted.  I casually test the ties, finding some weaknesses, listening intently for reactions.  I slowly manage to loosen the ties around my wrists, my hands can slip free but I don’t dare remove them until I’ve figured out how to get away.  As I slowly move my ankles slightly along the post I sense a change in the air.  I freeze.  HE is there, watching me, I don’t dare breath, I hope he does not notice the looseness on my wrist ties.

Again he smiles “did you really think you could get away?”  My heart thuds heavily as I wonder….what will he do?

“Come on boys….let’s try a different approach”  My stomach trembles as they all approach me.

“Let’s make her want us all….let’s make her beg”  And then I feel them….all of them….10 hands, 5 tongues, lips, teeth all over my body.  My legs are pulled close to my head and I feel teeth scraping along my ass.  I feel a tongue on my clit, teasing and stroking, I feel a finger enter my pussy, then slickly enter my ass only to be replaced by two more fingers in my pussy.  My nipples are nibbled, I feel breathing in my ears and I groan loudly, I pant as the fingers push in and out of me, I try to buck as the tongue caresses my clit, I try to move my head but find it held tight while a tongue teases my lips.
Unable to move I groan louder, feeling my body shake as it nears orgasm.

Vaguely I hear a camera clicking but my body is too far gone to care.
Suddenly it stops.  Nothing moves.  The fingers are still in my pussy and ass, the tongue rests against my clit, my nipples are warm in someone’s mouth and that tongue rests against my lips….but nothing  moves.  I struggle to move, I pant, I groan as my pussy pulses.

And there he is….”all this feel good slut?”  I groan and try to arch up.

As he films he laughs “he was right….you are a horny slut….SAY PLEASE”

I groan and try to shake my head but again I feel the tongue on my clit, the fingers in my pussy and ass…the sensations driving me to the brink

“Say please…..maybe we’ll let you cum…”

Completely lost and uncaring I groan out “please…please…..oh god…please”

Again he laughs…”you know the rules, you know you need to be specific”

Unable to control myself “please please please…let me cum…please please please” I cry out

With the camera rolling he laughs….”do it boys” and they go at me hard, fast, pulling me over, past and screaming into my orgasm.  My body shaking, shuddering, bucking but held down, fingers, tongues…..eyes watching me and that camera….always the camera.

They untie me and push me to the floor where I lie sobbing and trying to catch my breath, my body still shuddering.

The leader leans over me and whispers into my my ear “will you behave now?”

I nod and he caresses my hair “good girl cause next you are going to beg for the pain to stop”.  He grabs my hair and pulls me towards the lounge chaise.  He gestures to one of the others and he moves to the chaise.  He lies back and I am pulled on top of him.

Using my hair to control my movements he positions me over the man’s hard cock and he holds me as he pushes his cock into my pussy.  I’m torn between the pain of his hand pulling my hair and the feeling of the cock filling my pussy.  He pulls me forward over the man and I feel someone behind me.  I panic and struggle as I realize what is about to happen, his hands tighten harder on my hair.  I groan and stop struggling, I am filled with fear as I realize they are going to fuck my ass dry.

The leader looks at me…”I told you….pain is next”.  I bite back a scream as I feel the cock being pushed into my ass, stretching me, the others film me and watch the pain cross my face.  Once the cock is fully inside my ass they both start to move, slowly at first, then faster, harder.  The other two stand on either side of me and start to pull my head from one to the other, bending my head to their cocks, pushing them into my mouth, thrusting then handing me over to the other.  They push deep into my throat, chocking me.

My body is burning, despite my intentions my pussy is sopping wet, as they fuck me harder the pain is almost unbearable but they won’t stop.  I try to cry out but my mouth is filled with a cock and I hear a groan as the man in my ass pulls out and starts cumming over my back and ass. The one below me holds my legs up and pulls out, he starts cumming on my pussy, on my tummy, the other two start cumming on my face and tits as they hold my head up by my hair.
I hear the camera snapping away as I am covered with cum.  They all move away and the leader again pushes me to the floor.
I hear the door open and I hear his voice…..

an oldie but a goodie…..ttyl…..beth

Swim inspired erotica 3

He slid deep inside her mouth, she gagged slightly as he touched the back of her throat.

He pushed in, he pulled out, everyone was forgotten as she reached eagerly for his hardness.

Her hands lifted reactively until she felt the strong gentle fingers on her shoulder.  The fingers squeezed, her hands dropped to her sides and she felt her juices run as her Masters hand caressed her shoulder gently.

As the cock slid in and out, deeper, gagging her, taking her breath away, her core trembled….her clit throbbed.

Big hands gripped her hair, pushing her scalp closer, pulling her head away…her fingers curled, struggling to stay at her sides.

The cock filled her mouth, she could not breathe, tears flowed from her eyes, but she could not stop.

She wanted this cock, she needed this cock……

She felt him throb, she sucked harder, she opened wider…..

With a groan he pulsed, gasping she swallowed…..but still she felt him dripping out of her mouth…..down her chin…..

Finally he finished, her mouth was full, sore and throbbing…..he pulled out slowly and more cum ran from her mouth, down her chin and onto her sexy cleavage.

His hands still in her hair he pulled her up……he guided her back to her stool.  She licked her lips as she leaned against the back of the stool.

“Very nice slut…..” he said

She watched as he turned and walked away, her eyes starting to focus again on the room around her.  Her face flushed…..

“Look at me” her Master commanded quietly

She turned to him and looked into his eyes.  He smiled and ran his finger along her still cum soaked lips.

He held his finger up, and she licked it eagerly.

A moan escaped her as she saw the pleasure in his eyes.

“Time to go” he said

He reached for her hand and helped her off her stool.  Her legs were shaky but she followed him slowly, her eyes downcast.

“Stand proud slut” he said

She lifted her chin and looked around as they left.

She met an eye here or there, and many appreciative smiles.

The cum grew sticky in her cleavage as they encountered the cool night air.

His hand gripped hers tight, his face promised special treatment to come….