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Not wanted?

This is a topic that has been on my mind for awhile.  I hesitated to write about it because like many blog writers I have a concern about offending some people that I have met and trusted with my blog address.

However, the reason most of us start a blog is to write down our thoughts, much of the time anonymously.

I do not consider myself jealous, however, there are certain expectations I have from relationships that to me represent respect and lack of disposability.

One example of this is a dear friend whom I see regularly, for happy hour, and for shopping, swimming, you know, girl things.  However I am usually the one who calls her to arrange for things and this sometimes bothers me.  I know she tends to be shy, and she knows I work a lot, but I feel that if I always do the calling, how am I to know she really wants to get together?  Maybe she just does not know how to say no.

That is a small example of what I mean, and not one that I lose sleep over.

However, a good friend of mine knows that his wife is having an affair.  He discovered the affair by accident, of course, and knowing there were issues in his marriage he was unsure how to deal with it and he kept quiet.  Well now a year has passed, comments have been made, and she suspects that he knows.  So she has been more careful.

Now there is no obvious proof, except for the change in her affections.  She still seems the same, but things are just not as open, laughter is not as easy, and her kisses are not as warm.

My friend has decided to stay in the marriage and not say a word, for the time being at least, he always says that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  I smile when he says that as it’s how I treat every day.

I understand his reaction, the only thing I don’t understand and I don’t think I could live with, is the knowledge that not only does my partner not really want me, but he actually wants someone else.

I have a Master and I adore him.  But if I were to ever find out he wanted another, I would request my release.  I would rather be with no one than be with someone who wants someone else.

Is there a fine line between a relationship that has lost the true love, and one where you look at your partner and think “He’s thinking of her.”

I would rather be alone than be with someone who is thinking and wanting another.

What about you?


Golden Friday

Mostly everyone loves Friday and all it represents.  But some Friday’s are just awesome!  Sometimes it’s what’s happening, and other times it’s because nothing’s happening!

Today is one of those Friday’s for me, it’s been a great couple of weeks, and this is the icing on my cake.

To top it all off I have the weekend to myself!  I have fun projects to do, some work to do, some friends to visit and all on MY schedule.  No one around to want/need/whine for attention!

Ahhhh…..raise a glass Cheers  and have a great Friday night everyone!


She sighed

Sleep was elusive tonight.  Thoughts of him and how he made her feel filled her mind.

She tossed…..her fingers snaking their way under her panties, her breath caught as she pinched her clit.

Her fingers roamed, dipping in her wetness….her groggy mind awoke and she turned.

HE was supposed to be here, she reached for her neck, HIS collar was supposed to be there.

She tossed back, her legs squirming.  She tried to settle her palms, she concentrated on her breathing.

Unbidden thoughts of his cock in her ass worked their way into her mind.  Her breathing grew heavy.  She drowsed.

Suddenly she awoke, wet, horny and sad.

He was not there, he could not be there….she missed his relentless hands.

Her fingers wandered around her body, thinking of piercing the wet lips, the hard nipples, and wishing there was a cold steel collar around her neck.

It needed to be perfect he said, he was looking he said…..her neck remained bare, her ass was empty, her cunt was wet.