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Outdoor peeThe sun warmed her naked body as she remained stretched out for hours, watching Master going on with his day.

The caressing breeze kept her very aware of her nakedness, her mind kept wandering to her need to be filled, her clit seemed to throb and ache constantly.  Then another need started to build.

“Master, I need to pee” she said as he passed by.

“And?” he asked

“Master may I go to the bathroom?”

“No, but you may pee”

She whimpered as she tried to hold out, hoping he would release her before it was too late.  She wiggled as she tried to pull her legs together but the ropes did not have much give.  Her face flushed with shame as she could not hold it any longer and she peed right there, almost sagging with relief.

She opened her eyes to see Master watching and smiling…..



Tree huggers

Was she out hiking, enjoying the fresh air when she encountered a group of “hunters” out for fun?  Were they tired of their men only weekend?

Her full tits must have swung teasingly below her blouse, making the bored cocks rise quickly.

Bound or not…..she sure seems to be enjoying herself, but I bet she wants a taste…I know I would. 🙂