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My New Blog

Hello everyone. Some of you might know me already….as Beth.

There were issues with my former blog. some followers that made me feel bad and I started to lose interest in writing.  I even considered abolishing Beth all together.  But I have put much into Beth, she really is an entire side of me so I decided to open a new blog.

There is lots information on that blog site so rather than delete it I have decided to simply make it private.

Slowly I will probably copy over the best of the best and just delete the rest. But even here, many posts will be password protected and only those I trust and respect will have access. Email me anytime and if you are one of those people I will send you the password.

The events that led to my decision to close my former blog, were very depressing for me and I have spent today in a sad and pensive state.

But all that thinking helped me reach another decision.

I am married to a man that I care deeply for but more like a brother or friend.  But I have made my choices and I am living with them, and trying to make the best of my marriage.  One of the ways I am doing this is to have other “hobbies”.

I am submissive, and I am owned, unfortunately not by my husband.   I care for my owner deeply as well, as I should.

This journey was supposed to be about my exploration, my discovery and the conflicts of being submissive, of being owned.

Unfortunately somewhere it fell off the rails and I became too focused on negative emotions.

So with this blog I’ve decided to stop focusing on the negative, and focus on the positive.

So not as much about the bad feelings I sometimes have, unless it has to do with submission, and more about the joys of being owned, and the discoveries that go along with that.

I also think this general attitude will help me in my daily life, help me focus on the positive and be a happier person.

ttysoon, Beth