Archive | February 2016

Odd Musings

I’ve never been a very romantic or sentimental woman, as I am sure any of my regular readers know.  However I am think I was a typical teen, dreaming of that romantic prince charming, but that changed pretty early for me.  My lack of mushiness and cling has often been a source of surprise and even disappointment to some men.  Which in turn surprised me, as “cling” or attachment is a common complaint with men, but I suppose their egos have come to expect it.

I also have always paid my own way, and have difficulty accepting having someone pay for me, I guess it’s my own “I don’t need anyone”.

Lately however, I’ve been having some odd thoughts and musings.  I don’t know if getting older is changing me, or if being with the person I don’t really want to be with makes me look at things differently, but lately I have found myself watching couples in movies and TV and wondering what it is like to have a really deep loving relationship.  What is it like to be with someone you actually want around?  Of course, I can’t imagine ever wanting anyone around all the time, but still, to have someone who understands you (does any man ever understand a woman….and vice versa?), someone you can be honest with, it must be special.kissing

Sometimes I watch those really deep kisses (apparently just “because”) and I wonder what it’s like to actually want to kiss someone like that.  And to enjoy it, regardless of whether it leads to sex. 🙂

This is a short post…..mushiness is not something I do well, but, just some odd thoughts.