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Sharing….warning, might be too personal and too boring :p

I know this is a “kinky” blog but over the years I’ve also made it a personal blog and I’ve often shared my feelings. Lately I’ve been real busy but I still want to share. I have been sadly absent from blogging and for me this usually means 1 of 2 things, either life is bad and I am working very hard to keep myself out of a deep funk, or life is waaaaay too busy for me to find time to blog.

Like many of my fellow “real world” sex bloggers know, real life often gets in the way. If you are working it for money then that’s different, but for 98% of us (I’m guessing), we blog as a way to get those thoughts and feelings out that we cannot share with our everyday family and friends.

Many of us are also amateur or budding writers and our blogs are our outlets. Of course there are many areas of everyday life that “writing things down” comes in handy….even us amateur kink / sex bloggers know that. When I logged in yesterday and found a plethora of unapproved comments I realized it’s been way too long since I blogged!

Life has been crazy over the last year, and the last couple of months even more so. Crazy in a good way, work is super busy, my daily routine of working out, taking care of “the castle” etc has kept me putting one foot in front of the other.

That might sound boring but luckily I have friends and happy hours to break up my week, and of course there is my time with Master.

However over the last while it seems as if any extreme kink has just taken a back seat. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, I mean, if I was horribly depressed and feeling like I was missing something, well then it would be an issue. Happily my time with Master makes up for wehat I miss, and the occasional dalliance distracts…..the rest of life is just too full for much more.

Not too say I’ve been completely dormant….I have managed to fit in a few quick distractions, but I don’t seem to have enough time left over to write about it.

There is also another side to the whole thing, it feels as if some encounters are just too all encompassing to write about.

The last time Master and I had together it was a whirlwind. We had not seen each other for awhile and our “to do” list was extensive. We were hungry to cover everything from simply protocol and submissive behavior reinforcements to stringing me up for whipping toy testing……all ending with some nice cuddling.

So to my readers, some of whom are friends, I say hello…..and all is good, just life getting in the way, and I hope yours is as well.

*kiss* thanks so much for reading 🙂


A Deep Confession

I usually try to keep my blog away from things are are too extreme, the people pleaser side of me I suppose.  Of course it might also be because some of those deep nasty extreme desires scare me a bit too.

However, something that Master did months ago keeps bubbling up in my mind, causing me to smile and squirm, something I consider on the extreme side, but something that obviously was effective as it is there, at the back of my mind, all the time.

Of course I also held back sharing it because I did not really want to confess the effect, even to Master…..or maybe especially to him?

I finally mentioned to him that there was something I wanted to post, but that I did not want him to “use” it. He said of course he would and tried to dig.  We made a deal, if I would not post it within the next 3 days then I would have to tell him what it was.  Since I am itching to post it….here it goes.

Master and I met in a cheap and rather seedy motel with very thin walls; dirty, nasty usage the idea, not champagne and caviar.  Master proceeded to tie my naked body into a difficult, uncomfortable and open position.  I grew wet with anticipation, his horny slut waiting for his touch, until he pulled out the dreaded electric clips.

My body froze as he attached a clip to each nipple, my breath sped up and some whiny unclear sounds came from a place of fear.

We could hear voices and bangs from the rooms nearby and I heard Master say “Well, we can’t have you disturbing the neighbors”.

He reached into his bag and said “I prepared a special gag for you slut”

My mouth opened in shock at his next words “A pair of my underwear, soaked in my piss, just for you” and he shoved them deep into my mouth, sealing them in with some duct tape.

The taste filled my mouth, the scent filled my nose and my head swam.

I tried to control my breathing, to avoid tasting and inhaling too deeply but he pushed his fingers deep inside me, causing me to moan.  My breath caught as I felt his other hand reach for the remote to the electric clips, I started to whimper and whine, panic shooting through me.

I screamed behind the gag as the pain ripped into my nipples, I panted heavily as it passed, the taste and smell of Master’s pee filling my mouth and nose.

The cycle was set, his fingers brought me to the edge, while every movement of his hand on the remote struck terror and caused deep panting.

Finally I was begging incoherently behind the gag, straining at the binds, needing to cum, desperate for Master’s permission to tumble over that cliff.

“Yes slut, you may cum”

My body tensed, I screamed and struggled, cumming hard, unable to move, unable to breathe, just cumming.

My mind filled with fog, my body shook with pleasure…..

So now you know, my deep confession 🙂


A Kinky Share

I love porn….movies….pics….even audio, it makes me soaking wet. However, it has to be the right porn, there is a fine line for me between erotic and boring.

Years ago I worked in a neighborhood video rental store, way back when they existed, way before blockbuster and co. I have always been a pretty straight forward person and when the owner of the store decided to use me as the female porn movie screener I was in :).

I have to say I got quite the kick out of advising men (well mostly) on what film they should rent. I am still to this day not sure if they were comfortable asking me because they were hoping to get an in with the hot blonde or if they had just adjusted well enough to my open personality that they wanted the female perspective and were not shy to ask me. I do know of one that used it as an in for some hot sex with me but it was not to be….pity really, he was quite cute.

Anyway, it was lots of fun going with them into the “room” and shamelessly pointing to very explicit boxes of things like Gang Bang 1, 2, 3 …. or to other more sensual pieces by directors such as Andrew Blake….if it was a date night with the wife. I quite enjoyed asking “Well, is it for the boys, an evening with your wife (whom I usually knew) or….are you spending some time alone?”

It is a fond memory, but on to today. I love porn, and I will watch / listen to what I enjoy over and over, squirming and getting wetter by the second. Daily I am surprised that by just scrolling archives of pics my cunt is wet, open and throbbing.

I often find things I want to try, but in my situation they are not always realistic. Every once in awhile I find one that has a possibility. I found one of those possibilities early this summer and since I was going home to visit, where I am fortunate enough to have a very open friend to play with, I sent him the video (after asking Master’s permission of course), and without my even having confirmation the plan was afoot! Apparently Master and he coordinate 🙂

I went to visit my friend and we chatted a bit but it was not long before I was out of my clothes and spread out on the bed. I think he hummed as he worked diligently on the binds, testing them by measuring my winces as he “strung me up”. 

While he made me smile, but each clip he fastened to my cunt lips was more excruciatingly painful than the last, and the waiting was pure torture.Capture

Finally there I was, spread, tied and painfully spread again for anyone to see…..thankfully then came his cock.

Mmmmm is there anything better than a mouth full of cock to focus a submissive slut? He knows exactly how to shove it….he might not be 10 inches but he shoves deep and holds, making me gag many times, using my throat for his pleasure.

Finally he moved between my legs and with a wicked grin brought out the wand. Being spread so wide I was a bit nervous….the skin is delicate.

But the minute he touched the wand to my clit all pain faded…..I stretched and strained…I needed to cum!

My head swam, I wanted to be fucked, filled, played with …. just overwhelmed! He pushed a nice dildo inside me and watched me squirm, I am sure enjoying my whiny slutty noises.

Finally, my entire body straining, he took pity on me and held the wand hard against my clit as I pulled at my binds and came, struggling, screaming…..completely enjoying.

Thank you Max….so nice to have a play friend I can trust who is game for anything! xo