Archive | June 2017

Oh The Feeling

He touched, he licked, he pinched…..he teased but finally, her pleas making his cock hard and very ready….finally, he pushed his cock deep inside her.

She groaned and arched as her body shuddered…..oh that wonderful feeling.



I imagine this position must be very conflicting….getting wet, throbbing, wanting to rub my clit against something.  Feeling the sharp pain of a splinter piercing the tender flesh, but the hips still thrusting…..almost all on their own…


Talk About Rope Burns!

Her cries filled the room as the rope dug into her sensitive pussy.  He smiled as he watched her body shake as she tried to hold her body up.  He knew it was only a matter of time before she weakened.  His cock got harder as he listened to her whimpers.  He stroked himself as her body started to sag, the rope digging further in, the painful struggle showing on her face.

He wondered how long he could wait, he wanted to fuck her raw pussy so hard she begged for him to stop.

Crotch rope