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Morning surprise

When she woke he was already in his office working.

Usually he slept later than she so she did not want to disturb his work.

She took her shower and started to dress, picking a sexy bra she knew he liked.

Before she could choose her panties he was behind her, his hand on her hair.

He pulled her from the bureau, pulled her back and pushed her to the floor.

Without a word he pulled her on her knees, guiding her, settling her over a chair.

He pulled her hands behind her, binding them tight.

Even caught off guard she could feel herself throbbing and getting wet, she yelped and moaned as the first slap hit her ass.

Normally he preferred whips or canes, but today she found herself trying to wiggle away from even his hand,

He slapped harder and harder, her ass burning and aching, his hand gripped her hair, bending her back painfully.

Her ass was still sore from last night’s whipping, and her tears started to flow.

She wiggled and she cried, he seemed to slap harder.

Suddenly he stopped, pushed her legs further apart and shoved himself into her ass.

Her cries became moans, his moans matched hers as he pounded her fast and hard.

He came quickly, collapsing onto her with a loud groan.

Her body still shook with tears as he reached between her legs, teasing her clit.

“Cum for me slut” he whispered into her ear

She shivered and rode his hand, faster and faster, starved for that orgasm.

She screamed as she came hard, his fingers pushing against her.

Finally she was still, her breathing returning to normal.

“Thank you slut, I needed that” he whispered as he left her spent on the floor.

Morning offering

Have a great day!  beth

The Unknown

She checked into the hotel and texted him the room number.

As instructed she showered, went to the bed and put on her blindfold.

She knelt on the bed, knees spread wide and waited.

She heard the door open, her heart thumped as she controlled the urge to jump up.

She felt big hands reach for her arms and pull them back.

In minutes she was attached, spread, vulnerable to the unknown.

It was not him, she knew his touch, this was a stranger.

She was scared, she was soaked and throbbing.