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An Illicit Afternoon :)

After I met Max the first time, you may have read about it, I returned home from my business trip to find my husband had returned home for a short visit.
So even though we were hungry for each other we knew we would have to wait until he had left.

But suddenly, the lust gods shined on us and the hubby had a meeting….leaving me free for a few hours.  Then Max was also free, so I set up my excuse for an outing and off I went.

With butterflys in my stomach I knocked on his door, remember this was only our 2nd meeting….he opened it while standing behind it, a grin on his face.

“Come on in” he said

I smiled and giggled as I realized he was naked.

“I hope you don’t mind” he said with a smile as he pulled me against him, kissing me and pushing my coat from me.

I was overwhelmed by his kisses as he slipped my clothes from me, a piece at a time.  Before I knew it he was pulling my mostly naked body over to one of the large cement columns in his living room.

He reached over and picked up something, he held his hands out to me with a quizzical look on his face.  I looked down and my stomach jumped when I saw what he held out to me.  It was a leather collar, with metal rings… mind flashed quickly through thoughts of would I? could I?…..

I looked at his innocent eyes and made my decision….I lifted my chin and he placed the collar around my neck.  A shiver passed through me as he tightened it and tugged at it with his finger…

“Hummm, not tight enough” he said and he adjusted it.

Then he picked up the leather wrist cuffs and placed them on my wrists.  He had me face the column and pulled my arms around it, then he attached my wrists together with a heavy chain, leaving the chain dangle to the floor.
Immediately he moved behind me, pulled my waist away from the column so I was bent slightly and got down between my legs.  He pushed my legs further apart and started to lick me….his tongue seemed to be everywhere at once!

I groaned as he pushed his finger into my wetness, his tongue licking my ass, another finger pushed in.  My arms stretched, the weight of the chain adding to the feelings of helplessness.  I felt his fingers stretching me, I pushed my ass towards him, wanting more.

He stood and wrapped my hair in his hand, he pulled my head close to him.

“Do you like being MY sex toy?” he asked.

“Yes.”  I whispered
He hooked his finger into one of the metal links on the collar and pulled my mouth closer to his, I opened my mouth to welcome his tongue but I felt nothing.  I opened my eyes to see him watching me.  He lifted his fingers close to my mouth, I could smell my juices….

“Do not lick” he said.

I whimpered as I watched him clean his fingers, licking my juices, denying me a taste.

He moved around the pole and undid the chain, releasing my arms from around the pole.  With one hand in my hair he pulled me to the bedroom.  He pushed me onto the bed, onto my knees.

Assume the position, he said and I got on all fours on the bed.  He pushed my head down against the bed, my face pressed into the mattress.  I could feel him behind me, he moved his hand from my head and I heard him moving around.

I tried to relax as I felt him pushing something into my ass, it is bigger than the last time and I held my breath.  He pushed it in, moved it around, played a bit and I felt myself relaxing.  He moved away again and I waited, ass in the air, face pressed into the mattress.

I groaned as I felt him push a large vibe into my wet pussy, he slowly pushed it deep, filling me.  He pulled it out and pushed it back in, my clit throbbed, my head spun and my breath caught.

After a few minutes of this delicious torture he slipped the toy from my ass, had me move onto my back, my legs open, the vibe still in my pussy.  He had me raise my pelvis so he could continue fucking my pussy while he stood between my legs.  He reached down and wrapped his hand around my throat.  My eyes flew open, this was the first time he had done this and for a second I did not know what to think or do.

It only took a tightening of his hand and a push of the vibe to chase all doubts from my head.  His wrist pressed against the collar as the pads of his fingertips dug into my throat.

I felt my breath coming shorter, I took short shallow breaths, not sure what to expect.  My head got light, I was focused on the feel of his hand, the strength, the width, the perfect fit.

I was dizzy with sensations whipping through me, I wanted him to stop, not to stop, I felt fear deep inside me, fear of the cliff my body was on, he pushed and I fell.  I wanted to scream as my body shook and shivered, my chest filled with air and I held it, savoring it.  My eyes were closed tight and my skin seemed to tingle as he moved his hand from my throat.

Leaving the vibe in me he moved around the bed while I was still dazed.  He pulled my head to the edge of the bed and he pushed his cock into my hungry mouth.  He pushed deep into my mouth, gagging me.  I kept my hands beside me on the bed and tried to open more for him.

He leaned over and grasped the vibe, resuming the thrusting, in time with his thrusts into my mouth.
I arched, not sure which way to go, gagging and opening, both my throat and my legs.

He pushed the vibe in deep and stood.  He reached for the camera and started to click away.  With a loud groan he pulled from my mouth and came over my face, over my chest, amazingly still clicking away.

As he wiped his cum from my face with his fingers and fed it to me, I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent deeply.

His taste lingered in my mouth and I smiled, completely relaxed and feeling rather kittenish.

Ummm…..what pleasure can be found in a couple of stolen illicit hours!


Another Birthday….another year…..

My birthday is here.  For the first time ever I will not be with my family and all my friends.  Normally I go to dinner, lunch, and many other small activities with different people, enjoying stretching my birthday into a week!  But this year I am not near home, well actually I am in my new home, and my friends and family are far away.

Luckily a friend has come to visit, which will make it much easier.  I have received cards, which sit where I can see them…..but being so different from all my other birthdays will certainly give me lots to think about.

This past month I have been thinking a lot about where my life is going.  I find it very sad to not be able to imagine where I will be in 5 years.  I have never been one to have a “set in stone” plan, but I have always been able to look around me and see the possible paths my life may take.  Right now I am at a bit of a loss.

I am trying to buoy myself with the fact that my writing and my researching are moving forward.  They are moving slowly but they are moving.  It is difficult though when you’ve lived your life with a salary that someone else was paying.  A paycheck you were fairly sure was coming each week.  Now I don’t know, and while I see possibilities out there for me, I just don’t know how well I will do, and I guess that holds me back some.

Of course I suppose the fact that I have lived much of my life without support for my creative efforts has left me without the confidence that I can make a living doing what I enjoy.  In fact the very opposite, my creativity has usually been dismissed or ignored.

Now please understand, I am not looking for sympathy here, I am merely sharing.  I know I have to push myself right now, I know that now, in my mid 40’s I have to find my way, like any rebelling teenager.

Thankfully I finally do have some people in my corner, but I still have to do the work, and sometimes it is hard to not have someone to hold your hand as you step into a new space.

I have always been so strong, now I feel so weak, and I am not sure why.

Is it the many changes I have been through in the past year?  Is it hormonal?  Is it just plain tired?

Somehow, somewhere, I need to find a well…..I need to find that well of strength, of determination that I had once, that used to get me through each day.  That well that used to keep me calm when I was trying to juggle all the craziness around me, trying to meet everyone’s expectations.

I wonder if it’s possible I just don’t know what to do anymore, now that I have reached a point that I no longer work to fulfill the expectations of others, I am a little lost.

Just some thoughts….


A Few Stolen Naughty Hours with Max

So Lucky….to be able to find a few wonderful hours…..
We were both able to get a couple of hours…today we met at his place…not outside in the cold rain!

I was frustrated by traffic jams, just wanted to get to him, to feel his warmth…

I arrived and he was dressed (hehe….nice for a change….he likes to welcome me into his home in the nude!)

He kissed me thoroughly and let me settle….listened to me complain about our fair city and it’s traffic woes…

Slowly I relaxed….moved closer to him….kissed him more…pressed tighter against him….felt his heat.  He held up my collar, I lifted my head for him to fasten it around my neck.  He pulled it tighter this time, I could feel myself swallow against it.

He backed me towards the bedroom…kissing all the way.  As he pulled my breasts from my top I began to shed my clothes, groaning as he licked and nipped at my nipples.

He turned me around and bent me over the bed…he dipped his fingers into me and I marveled at how wet I already was…with only his kisses.

He caressed me lightly at first, spreading my juices, but soon he was pushing more fingers into me, opening me as he likes to do, pushing me over so he could get better access, spreading my legs….

I heard his pants drop and the clinking of the belt as he removed it from his pants, I felt the leather caressing my skin as he moved it over my body….I wondered what he was thinking and feeling as he looked at me….bent over, open to him, waiting for his desires….

*slap* I jumped as the belt connected with my ass…then the caress…another slap….another caress….and on as I gripped the covers under my hands and moaned, the belt connecting with my ass, thighs and between my legs.

He stopped and I felt him reaching for something else….I tingled as I wondered what was next.

I heard the click and I groaned as he slid the large vibrator into me, pushing it deep and hard.  He pushed my face into the bed as he tangled his other hand into my hair.  He gripped my hair, pulled at it as he was pushing my face.  I was groaning loudly into the mattress, my hands above my head, clenching the covers as he shoved the vibrator in and out.

I felt my calves straining as the harder he pushed the more I was forced onto my toes.  My legs shook, my breath came fast and my head spun.

He let my head go and moved to the side, he pulled my head up towards him and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me back towards him, bending me.  His arm moved to my neck and my throat was pressed against his forearm.  I could feel the care, the affection as he slowly tightened his grip, pushing his forearm against my throat, still thrusting the vibrator in and out as he started to restrict my breathing.

Excitement rushed through me, why did I like this so much?  For me this felt like the ultimate power trip, I wondered how far he would push it, would I get faint?  I felt myself reaching harder for air, his arm tightened, my head swam and I was weak.  I did not think my legs would hold me much longer, my breathing came faster, my moans were constant and still he tightened.

Suddenly he relaxed his grip and whispered into my ear “You like this, Sex Toy?”

“Yes” I groan out

“Lie on your back” he instructed

My weak legs were relieved as I lied down on the bed.  He got between them and licked me gently, he pushed my knees up to expose me fully to him and I groaned as I felt his tongue exploring.  *slap* I jumped at the shock of the belt hitting my clit, then his tongue again, then the belt, tongue….belt….I tossed my head side to side as the alternating sensations washed over me.

Finally he stopped and moved around to my head, he leaned over me and fed me his erection. Eagerly I licked and sucked as he slid the vibrator into me again.  I moaned against him as he thrust the vibrator fast and hard, my legs fell further open, my mind screamed “don’t stop….please don’t stop”

I arched and grabbed at the covers, my mouth full of him….he pushed deep into my throat, gagging me…I wanted more!

My body was electric, my lungs were full, I was almost hyperventilating as I could hardly handle the pleasure, the waves, every different sensation he was subjecting me to.  I wanted to scream, to grab, to feel him over me, inside me, everywhere….

Finally he pulled back and directed himself over my face….over my chest….my collar….and then slid back into my mouth.
I smiled as I felt him shudder, heard him groan as I sucked the last of his juices down my throat, mmmm…..tasty!
So Lucky….to be able to find a few wonderful hours…..


A Fun Day….And a Siesta….Part 2

After I pulled my fingers from my bgf…..and she finally got her breath back we kissed and whispered.
My hands wandered back to her wonderfully juicy pussy and I pushed my fingers back inside.

As I made my way back between her legs I decided to add something…..I slid a finger into her ass as she gasped and arched.

With 4 fingers in her wet pussy and 1 up her ass she bucked, screamed and brought the house down.

Again she flooded my fingers and I watched her hands grab frantically at the sheets beneath her.  I desperately tried to hold my fingers inside her as her pussy pushed, her ass grasped and her whole body arched.

She shuddered slowly and breathed deep.  I lay beside her and we held hands.

After a few minutes she reached over and caressed my hair, her hands moved along my face and her fingers drew circles on my neck.

She turned onto her tummy and kissed me.  A long, slow, sensuous kiss.  Her tongue moved to my ear….licked slowly, then along my neck….down to my nipples……where she first engulfed one, then the other, nibbling lightly.

She continued her way down, her tongue tracing a path down my tummy.  I inhaled deeply as I felt her settle between my legs….my thighs fell open in anticipation of her delicate touch….and I moaned as I felt her tongue run along my pussy lips.  Up one side slowly, down the other….slowly.  My body lifted towards her as she pulled away, my clit already aching to feel her tongue on it…..she slid a finger inside me…..2 fingers…….3 fingers and I gasped as I felt her tongue reach out and touch my clit.

She moved her fingers in and out….circled them around….touching all the corners…..reaching those hidden spots.

I was gasping and moaning…..spreading my legs wider…..reaching desperately closer to her… whole body shaking.  My hands grasping the sheets, thrusting myself upwards to meet her strokes….feeling her deep inside me.

I shuddered, I groaned…..and I came under her tongue, gripping her fingers inside me, my legs convulsing….my back arching.

I lay breathless, weak, my vision cloudy…..she cuddled beside me and we giggled.  Her lips touched mine, her tongue shared my taste with me….I inhaled my scent from her face….and we giggled.

We lay together and talked….we whispered and laughed…..we kissed and caressed… was….A Day to Remember….my 4 hour hotel room…..with my beautiful bgf.


A Fun Day….And a Siesta…..Part 1….

My weekend visit to my home town has been wonderful.  I saw many members of my family and most of my friends.  Having a party is the only way to visit home!

Today was the best day though, had a new experience!  Since my bgf is working full time now, and I was staying with my mother there were not a lot of options for us to have time alone.  She suggested we “get a room” for a 4 hour “siesta” (the harlot! lol).  She is more experienced at this particular type of getaway as her Dom and her have enjoyed the adventure regularly.

We had lunch with our lady friends and when we had a moment alone I asked her what she wanted to do after lunch.

“I thought we had plans” she said.

As the ladies lingered in the restaurant I wanted to scream in frustration…..”Gotta go” I thought!

Finally all the goodbyes were said and we were off.  We stopped for a bottle of wine and drove to a hotel.

“So” I said,

“Do we go in to pay together?”

“I don’t think we should go in together” she said.

“Well, ummmm, which one of us goes?” I asked.

She looked at me with a devilish glint in her eyes, “I think you should, you never have and you need the experience”.

I gulped and got out of the car, “What do I say?” I asked

I headed for the lobby with her laughter ringing in my ears and was happy to find it empty except for the lady behind the desk.

“Do you have any 4 hour rooms available?” I asked.

Without even blinking she told me yes and asked if I wanted a jacuzzi….hummm, no time for that I thought!

After she handed me the key I texted my bgf the room number as I headed for the room.  I let myself in and wandered about, like a kid in a new park, checking out my first 4 hour room rental.

We sat together at the little “bar”, having a glass of wine and chatting.  As we talked about many things that had been happening I realized that this was as important to us both as the kisses….being alone, talking, sharing our deep thoughts out of the way of prying ears.

We moved to the bed and lay side by side, me on my tummy, her on her back…..we talked and kissed, then talked some more.  As she was chatting for a moment I felt like a man… lips were drawn to her nipples and she stuttered as my tongue circled each nipple, sucked on them…..teased them, tasted them…..pressed them tightly between my lips.  What kind of woman thinks only of sucking her bgf’s nipples when there is a conversation going on?  A horny one!

I made my way down her body and inhaled her sultry scent as I did.  My tongue touched her clit slowly, softly, tasting her, feeling her…..listening to her moan quietly.  I wanted to go slow, I wanted to treasure our time together, so I did.

I moved between her legs and just licked her, around and around, flicking my tongue back and forth, up and down, feeling her softness against my tongue, hearing her moan, feeling myself getting wetter.  I sucked her clit into my mouth, squeezing it between my lips… tongue stroked her, my lips caressed her….her taste filled my mouth.

Finally I slid a finger into her pussy, her moans grew louder. I decided to experiment and added another…..and another. Before I knew it I had 4 fingers pushed deep inside her, and my thumb caressing her clit.  I listened to her get louder and louder as I pushed in, pulled out…..moving my thumb in rhythm.  Her pussy gripped my fingers, pulling them deeper, pulsing around them…..pushing them out again.

Her fingers were on her nipples, her head was thrown back and her cries filled the room.

I watched the thrills pass over her face, I pressed close to her bucking body.  I lowered my head and ran my tongue along her tummy, along her leg, pressing my face against her….blending with her, feeling part of her, feeling her pleasure come through her skin.

Her cries were so loud they must have been heard throughout the motel as she throbbed and came all over my hand. I pressed close to her, I pushed and twisted my fingers inside her as she bucked and thrashed, loving the feeling of her warm liquid passing over my fingers.  I lowered my tongue to taste….mmmmm…..and let her pulsing pussy push my fingers out…running my tongue along her…..feeling her shiver.

There is more but I will do another installment…..


Naughty Fun With Max

As I casually watch the news with my mother I wonder…can she see it?  Can she smell it?  I can smell the excitement of myself through my thin pants….after having just come in from outside….the air fresh, the wind light….and his hands all over me.
But I jump ahead of myself…..since I am staying with my mother until my final move, my movements are even more restricted.  How do you tell your mother that her married daughter wants to go out to have wild sex with her lover?  You don’t…you get creative.
So tonight, after easing the hubby’s mind through chat….and casually mentioning to mom that I want to get some fresh air….off I go for my “walk”.   At the bottom of the street is my prize…my lover….ready to squeeze, grab, slap and play with any part of me he can get his hands on.
First we sat in his car on a main street, near a street light, and we kissed….boy did we kiss!  Mmmm….I adore his lips, his tongue….I can still feel the slight roughness of his skin against mine….the tingle where his teeth nipped at my nipples.
He smiled at me as he reached into his bag and pulled out my collar…..”for MY sex toy” he said as he wrapped it around my neck.  I smiled….”maybe you should put my initials on it”

“I think I will get you a special one” he said as he pulled a chain from the bag and fastened it to the collar….he tugged.

He reached into my pants and felt me dripping already, he pushed his fingers in deep….then brought them to my lips.  I licked and sucked my juices from his fingers….tasting how he affected me.

“Lets go outside” he said…he tugged at the chain again….”leave this on”

I zipped up my jacket and tucked the chain inside as I got out of the car, he grabbed my ass and squeezed as we walked across the parking lot, towards the river.

As we walked he pulled the chain out….and pulled me close to him….using it like a leash.

We scanned for a spot….and he found the perfect tree….with some branches dipping low to the ground, but a trunk I could lean against.  He turned me around and pushed me against the tree….he wasted no time exposing my ass to the air, his fingers once again finding their way into my wetness….I groaned and gripped the tree….wanting more!

He worked fingers from both hands into me, some from the front, some from the back….stretching me…knowing I love that.

As I moaned and felt shivers run down my back he asked….”what do you want…..tell me…”
I groaned again…feeling him deep inside me…”you” I whispered.

He moved behind me and with no trouble slipped inside me….I leaned further over….wanting to feel him thrusting in and out.

I knew we did not have much more time and I wanted to taste him….needed to taste him….

Finally he wrapped his hands in my hair and pushed me to my knees…..he teased me at first….holding himself just inches from my mouth.  I whimpered….even heard myself whine…and finally he let me taste.  I tasted my juices, I tasted his skin…and when he drove deep into my throat I relaxed it to accept him.

Eagerly I sucked…licked….groaned when he pulled me away by my hair.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth” he asked

“yes….yes….please…” I whispered.

He groaned as he pushed himself into my mouth again….driving deeper….gagging me and holding my head tightto him.

I waited, I breathed….I hoped….and when he was ready….when he had enjoyed my mouth, he drove deep one last time and with a loud groan he came against the back of my throat, his juice filling my mouth.
Gratefully I held him there…tasting and swallowing….hearing his groans of pleasure…..
mmmm……how can she not know…..I wonder….as I watch the news with my mother…..