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Spanked Wet

She yelped as his hand rained down on her tender ass cheeks, the burning building with each smack.

He stopped and pushed his fingers between her legs “What’s this?  Looks like your body wants more slut”

She tried to shake her head and say no but her moans took over as he slipped his fingers into her slick wet pussy.  She panted as he finger fucked her harder and faster.  She tried to spread her legs more, craving his touch, needing to cum as his fingers invaded her and slid easily back and forth over her clit.  She shamelessly humped and moaned, her breathing getting faster, her orgasm getting closer.

He stopped and said “not yet slut, you have to earn it”  She whined as he took his hand away, feeling the unrelieved throbbing between her legs…

spanked wet