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A little relaxing – an erotic daydream

They lay together, entwined. His hands ran lazily up and down her body; stroking, feeling…..enjoying the softness.

His mouth found her ear and she shivered as she felt his hot breath. She wriggled a bit as her body became more sensitive to his touch.

“Mmmmmm” he breathed, “You do have some ticklish spots”

She shuddered and responded quietly “Well I do have a sensitive neck.”

“And ear apparently” he whispered as he felt her body arch. “Do you like this slut?” he asked

“Yes Master” she breathed.woman in chains

“Do you want more slut?”

She nodded.

“Ask for it” he ordered.

Sheepishly she whispered “More please Sir”

He stopped. “More what slut?”

“More….” she stuttered “Touch me more please Sir.”

The chains rattled as she raised her hand above her head, arching and aching to feel more. His fingers moved teasingly between her legs, lightly touching her, smiling at each frustrated whine.

He teased the sensitive clit, reveling in the body he owned, enjoying his power over her.  She gasped as he plunged his fingers into her wetness, whimpering as he removed them, leaving her empty.

“Please Sir” she whined “Please use your slut, take your slut……please”

His cock grew hard, her begging voice always his weakness.

“Mmmmmmm” he whispered “use you I shall” as he raised above her and gazed upon the manacled, spread open, panting slut he owned.