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To Plug or Not to Plug

For me the butt plug is a constant problem.  While I know it should be part of my life, I have a really tight ass so it’s always a struggle getting one in.  Once in, the effect can be hot, but this is often outweighed by the struggle to insert it and the “anticipation” of the removal.  Sadly I usually have to insert and remove it myself, I am sure if Master was doing it we would have much more fun!

Still…..it is pretty isn’t it?

Butt plug

Pretty Plug

Such a pretty plug for a pretty ass…..but I wonder, once it is in will she even feel it?

Butt plugs are not my favorite things for a few reasons.  For one my ass is very tight and there is almost always pain as it goes in.  Secondly, since Master chooses plugs with a fairly thick base, unlike the one in this photo, I feel it constantly and it causes me to squirm.  It makes my clit tingle, it makes my pussy wet and it makes me desperate to spread my legs and rub against something until I explode.

Why is that a bad thing?  Because it takes away my illusion of control.  For me horny is in my mind but with the right butt plug, my mind simply cannot shut off the stimulation and I become nothing but a horny little animal. *shiver*  Even now my fingers are rubbing away…..

Pretty plug

Making Time

Work has been so crazy lately I barely have time to breathe.  Now visitors are coming and other important projects are on the horizon so the next month will be a wash.

So knowing how squirrely I get I have made a pact to myself to take time each day to do either an added walk or swim, or to take time to write.  No matter how short it is, even finding an inspiring picture to add a blurb to will help distract me for a few minutes.

So here is blog entry number 1, dedicated to my beloved Master….and his taste for violating me….oh my 🙂

She could feel the cool air of the air conditioning, she could no longer hear him as he had left the room.  She could not help but wiggle as her clit throbbed, she could feel her face heat as she remembered her words “We are both so busy, when do we have time for fancy?”

In seconds he had his hand on her hair, forcing her to the ground, dragging her to the shower and that answered her question. Ass upnow. He was going to find the time…..and she trembled thinking of the “fancy”.

Somehow she knew this would be something she would remember and feel, for awhile.