Finger Fucking Anyone?

Her skin burned, her pussy dripped, she groaned as he pushed his fingers into her.

*SLAP* she yelped as he smacked and squeezed.

She squirmed as his slick fingers caressed her clit.  She whined as he pulled his hand away.  He licked her juices from his fingers as he watched her, wriggling in his lap, desperate to cum…..

“Please Sir?”


Rub One Out

I want to do this several times a day….just rub my throbbing wet horny cunt on something.  Spread my legs and rub faster, press harder….panting, gripping anything close-by until my body shudders and I cum….soaking my panties and leaving my juices behind….my scent……


Tsk Tsk

Looks like someone has been a naughty girl.  The question is, how naughty?  Only a little naught?  Just “sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done” naughty?  Or “you just sit there until Daddy gets home” naughty?