A Fun Surprise

I’ve always been horny, always played with myself, of course not as much as I do now….but my clit has always throbbed easily.  I also love porn, movies, pics even stories (and writing some), porn makes me even hornier!  However whenever I play with myself I’ve never been good at putting anyone I actually know in my fantasies, but that changed when I met Master.

I guess because of how much we talked about the things we wanted to do it just became natural to picture him in my fantasies while my finger swirled around my clit…..or I shoved a nice toy deep into my slick pussy.  But he’s the only one I was ever able to include in my fantasies….but that has changed!

What a fun surprise to me it was when I started to be able to think of specific people (usually men) in my fantasies.  At first it was only people I’d played with in kinky play, but lately I’ve even begun to fantasize about ways to teach a vanilla lover how to make things more fun!

And the best surprise of all….I recently had a few fantasies about a man I haven’t even played with…..mmmmmm wonder how much fun that would be.  Gotta go *squirm*


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