And She Waits

She waitsBut for what?

A spanking?  Some fun toys?  A group of people?

What, I wonder, is this lovely lady waiting for?  Imagine how she feels, the suspense, her heart beating, trying not to jump at every noise.  Is there someone in the room with her?  Perhaps rattling chains, testing whips, whispering to unseen others?

Mmmmmm I would not last long with the suspense 🙂

Mull these thought over readers….have a lovely horny day!


2 thoughts on “And She Waits

  1. This. Left like this with a spreader bar between your legs and your wrists cuffed to your ankles. Your cheeks just spread wide enough that the cool air teases your asshole and your empty waiting pussy.

    I might drizzle oil over your ass, right over your rose and watch the rivulets stream over your skin…

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