Love, Lust and Soul Mates

Is there a difference?  Do you feel a difference?  Can you explain the difference?  When a young innocent child looks at you trustingly and asks…..”What is a soul mate?” how do you answer?

I know my answer…..”A soul mate is short lived.”

If soul mates are a real lifelong thing doesn’t it make sense that they have some sort of bond?  Some core beliefs that would hold them together?

If love is meant to outlast the tests and trials of time, wouldn’t that mean that there is a core bond that keeps it together?

It all makes very little sense to me.  I have been “in love” and it was nothing but pain and disaster.  I have had what I believed was my “soul mate” and while lovely, it faded quickly…..much like the “in love” thing.

So tell me….what is the difference between love, lust and soul mates.  And what keeps anyone together for “life” other than comfort.


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