So let me get this straight

Kink is a fact of life.  Homosexual is a fact of life.  Transgender is becoming a fact of life.  Guns are a fact of life, Nuclear weapons are a fact of life.  Poison in our food, our earth, our water…..all a fact of life.

BUT apparently people cringe when you mention in “real life” that you are kinky.  It’s whispered….it’s hidden, skirts without panties are shameful… until the end of the night when there is a horny cock that needs a hole…why is that?

When I feel the urge I place ads in various places and I have used a question along the lines of “what does the word slut mean to you” as a way to weed people out. It is actually a very easy way to tell if the person responding is just looking for a quick fuck, or actually appreciates the allure of a wet horny woman…

So back to the title, how is it that owning an asault rifle is more “normal” than a woman wanting to give into her natural urges to cum?  Whether it be with a nice cock inside her pussy, her ass filled, her clit being lovingly licked…..who are “you” to decide she is “bad” compared to any other person who does not follow “your” script.

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