A Kink Musing

*No offense is meant by this post, I’m merely expressing some curiosity and thoughts that have been on my mind for awhile*

Kink comes in all sorts of forms, once you start to explore and dig into your fetishes you find there is a whole range of things that people are into, most of which you probably never even thought of!

Obviously kink is very personal, not all fetishes fit every person but there are some that are more commonly shared than others.  One of those “common” categories is the bbc kink.  I am not sure why it’s such a popular fetish but I suppose years of “forbidden” interracial, not to mention the fascination with the size *smile* and of course there is the simple visual contrast of the light and dark skin that paints an erotic picture.  I am sure there are many more reasons for the bbc popularity but there is no denying the basic attractions.

BBC facialMy Master loves watching me get filled and used so a bbc or 2 (or more) certainly provides plenty of entertainment for him.  However as I looked more into the fetish I discovered how many variations there are and some of the things I read brought up a few questions.

There is the whole bareback thing, which makes me cringe when I think of today’s health risks, and there is the breeding thing that I guess I don’t really get because it’s not a kink to me, but to each his own.

Of course the bbc kink can also go beyond mere fucking and gagging, there is an entire “worship” mentality as well.  This is mostly directed at women who worship black cocks and obviously that implies more than simple BBC worshippleasure.  I have also read about the groups that are formed around the idea that blacks (both men and women) are superior and that all other races, white in particular of course, are here to serve them.  It can delve deep into the objectification kink, with white women being mere holes for the superior black cock and here to serve the black women as well.

Given what is going on in the world today, particularly the US, the racial tensions that abound, I wonder what affect these tensions have on this kink?

I am sure that most of the people who are in an established relationships have enough trust between them to not be affected by these things but what about people who are new explorers into the fetish?  As an example, a white girl hanging around a predominantly black establishment in the hopes of some fun, is she at greater risk today than she was before?  How many encounters are tainted by these tensions?  You can’t tell me there is no one who takes out a bit of frustration and anger on the sub who offers themselves up?  Now I know this is a risk in all areas of kink but I am just wondering if anyone has any experiences that have seemed influenced by today’s tensions, or that have turned bad because of real life resentments.

Just some kink musings I wanted to share, what are your thoughts and experiences?

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