Most of us don’t live a completely open life, and many of us have almost 2 completely different sides to ourselves and our lives.  Whether your life is an open book, or riddled with secret compartments, we all need an outlet, someone to talk to, someone to bounce things off of, someone we can be unedited with, and get the same back.

I have a few friends like that, some female, a couple of males, but I don’t get to see them or even talk to them much.  Most of them live far away and for the one that does live closeby, it just seems that life just keeps getting in the way.

Today, FINALLY, we got to meet up.  It was so nice and relaxing to be able to just talk to someone that I trust and that I don’t feel is judging me….what a lift to my week,
heFriendshipck to the last few months.

Thanks for being my friend….you know who you are *kiss*

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