Pretty Plug

Such a pretty plug for a pretty ass…..but I wonder, once it is in will she even feel it?

Butt plugs are not my favorite things for a few reasons.  For one my ass is very tight and there is almost always pain as it goes in.  Secondly, since Master chooses plugs with a fairly thick base, unlike the one in this photo, I feel it constantly and it causes me to squirm.  It makes my clit tingle, it makes my pussy wet and it makes me desperate to spread my legs and rub against something until I explode.

Why is that a bad thing?  Because it takes away my illusion of control.  For me horny is in my mind but with the right butt plug, my mind simply cannot shut off the stimulation and I become nothing but a horny little animal. *shiver*  Even now my fingers are rubbing away…..

Pretty plug

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