A Little A.M. Pain And Pleasure


She panted softly, trying to control the pain.
She moaned loudly each time a sharp pain seemed to come from nowhere.
She knew he was behind her, she wanted to beg him to ease the pain.
Suddenly she got part of her wish as she felt his fingers between her legs.
His fingers slipped in and out of her, spreading her juices, teasing her clit.
Sharp cries mixed with groans as his hand also passed over the clips.
She started to hump his hand, ignoring the pain as her movements pulled at the clips.
He kept one hand on her slick clit, the other pushed several fingers inside her.
Sweat poured from her forehead, tears fell from her eyes and her cries filled the room.
Pain and pleasure mixed together until she came, moaning and babbling.
Her foggy brain started to clear and she heard him say;
“That was very nice but we are not done yet”
She screamed as he pulled the clips off, the pain bringing her back to present in a rush.

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