My life has become full of learning.  Some teachings from Master, some work stuff, and some simply seeking answers.

When you have a job (in my case 1.5 jobs) and a home, and a family (whether it’s kids or parents, still work involved), and also a hunger to know more, it seems as if there is no end.  Now add to that trying to stay healthy even though cooking is not your thing, craving the time to write, and so, so needing time alone, well, it’s exhausting.  Oh wait, let’s not forget the workout time, the “primping” time….and thank god I say over and over I am not into a lot of makeup.  I can work in my relaxed cami & yoga pants up until 20 mins before leaving the house….still end up only moving my ass 10 mins before 🙂  So I’m 5 minutes late….whip me ….please 🙂

Apparently students can have lovely asses…..check out the very lickable ass below…..I do love women 🙂  I would so love to devour that ass, and I am sure there are several sets of lovely lips to enjoy.  Happy Wednesday 🙂


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