Where Has The Written Word Gone?

This post is fueled by many things over time, but was finally brought to “words” by recent Fetlife communications.

One of the things I have found with people in the lifestyle, especially those who are in my age group or older is that they have a different mind than the rest of the people I know.
Our minds just seem to work differently. We seem to need more answers, and also more silence. Small talk does not sustain us, we tend to “go along” while thinking about deeper items such as “What facial expression would you make if I squeezed and twisted your nipples” or “How pleased would you be if I sank to my knees and sucked your delicious cock deep into my throat”?

Not quite the standard small talk. How many people pass you, say hi, help you in a store; without you wondering; how they would respond to the cane, the ropes, to a spread open cunt in front of them?

The people I have met and clicked with in the lifestyle are just not quite “normal”. Our minds go other places….all the time.

So I wonder about those I have encountered (some in person, some just by email / message) that cannot even put together a proper sentence.

Yes, I am a writer and that probably makes me hyper critical, but still so many send messages with sentences that are not even sentences. Put side for a moment the idea of punctuation, capitals, let’s even make allowance for the dreaded texting lingo, and even then, I often shake my head in confusion.

So, puzzle me this (which yes, many of you won’t understand the reference) how can I look at “you” with any sort of respect if you can’t even take the time to type a correct sentence? You can’t even give my Owner the respect of a proper inquiry? Oh and add to that the fact that any idiot with a computer has spell check and grammar check but we still get notes that are such a complete mess that I can’t make sense of them.

My explanation is probably dismissive but also honest. Those who can’t even be bothered to take time for a properly worded and thought out note are most likely the exact type we have already had horrible experiences with, those people that join sites like FL to simply try to get sex from anyone.

They do not care, they have no idea, and they are users.

I personally would line them up in a public square and shoot them, but Master is kinder and urges me just to remain calm and ignore them. Luckily for the penal system I adore him so I will be satisfied with this post and his doing the screening 🙂

PS….love the lifestyle, hate the fakers, users and mcdoms.


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