Missing Master

Master and I did not have the luck to meet before building a life with someone else so we do not live together. We both have lives and families that we do not want to destroy because of a mistimed but lucky meet, so we keep our relationship secret and go on with our daily lives.

Because of this there are days when we cannot speak, we can only exchange occasional emails, some days not even that. I always miss him when we cannot speak, but some days are more difficult than others, some days I just seem to be a little sentimental (don’t tell him) and I wish to share moments with him.

I work a lot but today I did not have much work to do so with hubs out for much of the day I enjoyed some quiet time, a couple of lovely orgasms and then off to do some liesurely shopping.

However I could not resist the pull of my haunt, the outside patio, no one but me, and a couple of glasses of sparkling….just enough to satisfy the guilty pleasure of alone time. No one knows I am not “shopping”, well except anyone who reads this *smile*.

Missing you Master, wish I could share this quiet time with you.

Your beth

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