Turn Ons & Turn Offs

Remember those questions? I think this term started fairly innocently with dating sites, and today are mostly ignored as “fluff”.

Sex and turn ons should never be taken for granted. Everyone is different. I have met men who dive into my cunt like it’s a grapefruit that needs tongue, teeth and tons of force to get the juice, *brahhhhh* not.

Every woman is different, a hard clit sucking might drive one through the roof, and put another to sleep….seriously….to sleep.

With women there are other issues, our brain needs to be engaged or bypassed….so, for me at least, bullshit “hi beautiful” lines in an email when we have never met is a HUGE fail.

In general men are easier to please…..stroke it and it will cum :). However women usually require more, not always, there are those fuck, suck, pound times…..but on a personal level, we need connection.

I am a very horny woman, have been since I was probably 10 (take that nature or nurture) but I can also turn off like a wind ripped out electric line. It’s all about my mind set.

I feel good, I watch porn, I use toys. I play, I cum…..

I feel shitty, no porn, no toys, no play…..just annoyance.

For me it’s all about confidence; I am pretty confident. and adore to accompany my Master, to be by his side as his slut (or at his feet) but when we are not together he has no affect on my confidence, our contact is sexual and comforting. So, as we have seen a few times, if he tries to put me into a spot that makes me uncomfortable, annoyed etc, libido goes out the window.

And when you do not live together it is difficult. I do not have my Masters cock to look forward to every day, I do not have his fingers squeezing my nipples to look forward to, and my thoughts of his whippings, while making me squirm, are not something my ass will feel every day.

Libido is important and sensitive, do not assume you can bully your way past it…..do not treat it with disdain.


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