Innocent Disappointments

I am still disappointed by people who have no follow through.

I guess it’s this internet world, you can email and then not.

I have had a few people, men mostly, who claim to want to play with me and we exchange some emails, they even communicate with Master, and then nothing. Sometimes all goes well with Master, and it seems like it will be an interesting and fun meet…..than nothing.

Some I’ve even met, played some, and they disappear, others pop up every few months “Oh, we should get together” and then gone again.


Now, a mean spirited person might read this and think “Well look in the mirror bitch” but luckily I have looked in the mirror, and while I am not perfect, I am certainly not hard on the eyes.

I wonder, I am a very open person who generally does not compromise what I believe in, so is it possible that the clear implication that I am not seeking another Master put them off? If so, perhaps reading my profile and email would be a good idea….not just skimming and assuming their “dommy” will cover it. Come to think of it, if I was swayed by their “dommy” what about their follow through….apparently it leaves a lot to be desired. 

The thing is, if you are not interested, just say so, don’t just stop contact, it’s rude. Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant and having a nice conversation with the person at the next table, but they say something that annoys you, or you simply do not want to talk anymore….even in person, you can politely say “I have to take care of this work” or something similar, why is  online different? Ignorance is ignorance, and it is wrong.

I want to finish this off with the FACT that I am very fortunate. I have a Master I adore, a few play friends I can trust, though sadly most of them are not close by….still, they are friends and I (we) trust them, I count that as very lucky.

Follow through people, even a “You’re not my type”, or “Things just got crazy at work and home” whatever…..respond, close it off, don’t be a rude ass that our next generation gets to use as their reference….you want respect? Earn it.


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