Resisting the chain

When he came into her home office she was working.

She was overloaded and stressed.

He had finished for the day and was looking forward to relaxing.

He came in to tell her he was going for a walk but stopped when he saw her.

Her hair all mussed, no makeup on, eyes straining at the monitors in front of her.

He stood at the door and waited.

Finally she muttered and looked up, he could sense her struggle for patience.

“Yes Master, is there something I can do for you?”

He knew her well, he knew her mood, he knew she worked hard to respect protocol in these moments.

Knowing she would not react well, he decided to go ahead with a desire he’d just had.

“Yes slut, you can remove your clothes, get on your knees and crawl after me”

Her eyes widened “But Master, I have so much to do”

“Are you questioning me slut?” he said with a low warning in his voice.

He could hear her reluctance “No Master” she said in a low voice.

With a last look at her monitors she pressed the sleep button and removed her clothes under his watchful eye.

“I haven’t showered today Master” she said as she sank to her knees.

“I know slut, come with me”

She crawled after him to the bathroom, where he had her heel and he started the shower. He left her there waiting and went to the toy box. When he returned he exchanged her regular collar for the wider one, and made sure she could see the leash.

“You may rise to shower quickly slut”

She stood under the water, her face telling the tale of worry and reluctance.

She stopped the water and stepped out. He dried her with a towel, ordered her to her knees and attached the leash to her collar.

He pulled at the leash and lead her to the back door. He felt her hesitate and he turned to her; “Is there a problem slut?”

She measured his look and lowered her head “No Master” she muttered.

He opened the door and took her out the the middle of the yard, to their picnic table and he had her lay across the table face up, legs spread wide.

Again she pulled away a bit until she saw the look on his face.

He fastened her hands with rope together above her head, ran the rope under the table and attached each ankle to on of the other ends.

Then out came the whip. He knew that nothing would make her forget her deadlines, stress and work worries better than striking burning pain. And nothing would relax him more than hearing her scream, cry and beg for mercy.

He raised his hand, growing hard as she whimpered, shutting her eyes…..


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