Stolen time

It is mine, some stolen time.

It seems like my entire life I’ve been the good girl, the responsible one, always there.

Good marks, ready to babysit, taking on the extra errands.

Even when I was not so “good” I was still the one on the other end of the phone, whatever family issue there was “call….”

Oddly, I am the person who least wants others around, I need the most “alone” and “me” time of any…..and I am probably one of the rudest, most straight forward bitches you will ever meet.

But……somehow I still struggle to get time to myself.  Then when I get that time it is still tracked, SOMEONE still knows where, when……and what (haha drinking) I am doing.

Right now, at this moment, NO ONE KNOWS!

MMMMM so, sparkling in hand, tablet avail….people who sort of enjoy hiding me…..*kiss*

So I sit, and breathe deep.

How cool is that?

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