How Odd

Things are odd.

I’m having odd dreams, which is even odder given that I do not normally dream or at least remember them. I’m dreaming a lot about dead people, (that I know) and other weird things.

Last night I dreamt about an exboyfriend hooking up with my Mom (ich) and some young, shy, really inexperienced black guy finally making a move on me. I woke just as his wussy lips were touching mine…..and all I remember thinking was “Get on with it man!”

The gym I go to is very anti-social, anti-pickup, which I love. I am there to work out, to sweat, to kick some ass (yes it’s a boxing boot camp place), so when some new guy sort of hollered into my face “It’s pretty intense isn’t it” as I was cooling down he’s damm lucky I did not have my gloves on!

But now I can’t get his dumb ass face out of my head. He has these really striking blue eyes and since I am naturally anti-social I do not expect to be spoken to by strangers, let alone one that looks like that.

Be gone blue eyes, I have other things to worry about!

How odd it feels when things do not go as they are supposed to.

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