Unfinished items

This is a “normal” posting…no D/s, so feel free to click off.

Still here? Alright good, I appreciate it!

I want to talk about about something that amuses me and makes me go “hummmm”; unfinished items.

Now I don’t mean unfinished food or wine, I KNOW what to do with that! I’m talking about those conversations that are started and never finished, those things you are talking about when something interrupts and you say “Oh, let’s finish this talk later” but later never comes.

I am a very curious person, I’m cynical, and am a “believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear” kind of person so when someone asks me a question that does not seem connected to anything I want to know why.

If I am having a discussion that is about more than shoes I want to finish it…..it’s sort of like having sex without cumming, what good is that? Oops, stuck in a bit of r-rated stuff there, your welcome 🙂

Anyway, one of the things I adore about Master is he’s almost as smart as me (and I am sure it will amuse him to read that, hopefully he’s in a good mood), so we have lots of great talks.

We talk about many sex things of course, down dirty forbidden things and we also talk about current events, politics, movies and books.

However I can probably come up with a list of important emotional and deep conversations that he, yes he, said “We will continue this later” but later never came. This is not annoying to me, it is just a tickle for my curious mind.

Another thing that fascinates me is when I ask him an odd question out of the blue and he does not ask why. I always do.

I find these things interesting indicators of peoples personalities and intelligence, that probably is not fair, but being as curious as I am I seen to have a giant mental rolodex that plays back the list of unfinished discussion, or oddly unreacted to questions. (yes I know I made up my own word, could not think of any other word that would do)

So…..how many unfinished items tickle your mind? Who have you gotten into a deep discussion with and it did not “finish”. Even worse…..what have you left on the table?


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