I am not the romantic type.  I’m not a cuddler, I’m not a toucher, hugger, kissey kissey type of woman.  I enjoy sex, I enjoy pain, I enjoy being used, but generally once done, and when going through my daily life, touchy touchy is not me.

Lately though, I’ve been cuddling.  Well sort of.

I’ve never slept well, I sleep lightly and wake often.  But lately I’ve found my bed very comfortable, and I seem to almost sink into it at times, the blankets surround me and I feel cozy and cuddled.  I’ve even been sleeping better.  However I do suspect that part of the need to sleep is stemming from a symptom of depression, but for now I won’t worry or focus on that.

I wonder if I could feel as cozy with a person cuddling me while I slept?  How much do you cuddle?


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